Retail testimonials and finding the right retail premises: Rapid Tackle

Retail testimonials

Finding the right premises to provide a stand-out experience and utilising retail testimonials is key to the ongoing success of any business. Modern Retail had the pleasure of speaking with Jago Reddick of Rapid Tackle Ltd. about their approach to boosting footfall and growing customer loyalty.

How important are testimonials and how do you use these to boost business?

“I use three different platforms to get customers’ reviews – Facebook, Google, and Yell. I rely on these reviews to help me get the word out about my business and attract new customers. 

“Online platforms, and their rating systems, have definitely improved footfall.

“I’ve found that advertising distinct promotions or sales on each online platform means I can track which customers have seen them and come to redeem them in the shop. It’s an affordable way to widen your reach as a business and boost engagement. This has allowed me to substantially grow my loyal customer base.”

Retail testimonials

What are your top tips for finding the right retail premises?

“The decision of where to base your business is a really big one, and getting the right finance in place is a key part of this decision. Small business owners need to find premises they can definitely afford for a prolonged period of time and keep large amounts of stock in. My business is seasonal, so through the year, my revenue fluctuates and I buy in different volumes of stock at different timepoints. When my revenue varies throughout the year, my business’ rental costs remain the same – so having access to cash flow and flexible financing can offer stability and flexibility. Revenue-based loans, such as those provided by iwoca, have helped me pull together the capital required to get into my new premises.”

What advice would you give to other retailers wanting to grow a loyal customer base?

“For a business to truly grow its base, customer service needs to be prioritised. This means you’ll need to make sure your online wholesaler accommodates the specifics about your products and service that make your small business attractive to your customers, so that your online customers receive the same level of quality that they would in person. 

“What’s been really helpful for my business has been tracking the seasonal spikes in demand. My business peaks in the summer months, so I’ve been able to prepare months ahead of time by building my stock levels to then sell on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, as well in the run-up to summer. 

“But online platforms can be a crowded marketplace. In my area, eBay is a popular local choice for buyers and sellers alike, so it’s important to get involved with those markets.”

Get started utilising retail testimonials

Providing the opportunity for customers to share honest feedback can be incredibly beneficial for businesses. Retail testimonials build rapport and trust with potential customers substantially.