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T21UK Ltd, 29 Bramble Drive, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3UY
31 Bramble Drive Westbury BA13 3UY GB

Winners of the Innovative ‘Electrical Retailing Awards 2016’ for ‘Best Industry Training’, T21 Training and Development is a dynamic new training provider for retailers, manufacturers, distributers and sales-focussed businesses.

Our client base is building rapidly and includes Audio T, Hughes Electrical, Retra, Ricoh and Pentax.

Why call on us? Well, the Trainers at T21 understand Retail. It’s a real passion of ours! We’ve all worked in retail and we understand that all retailers are different. So rather than offer a generic package, or even a retro-fitted catch-all corporate programme, we tailor all our training programmes specifically to your business, your brand, your core strengths, your USPs, your sales staff.

Our training can help you achieve the following targets:

  • Increased business through higher conversion rates in stores
  • Increased profitability by maximising your value per transaction
  • Increased staff retention – building confidence, motivation and professionalism within your team
  • Increased customer retention through excellent customer service

And we can deliver:

  • Online training with a system of points, badges and rewards to drive engagement
  • Training films and animations to reinforce key learning messages
  • In-store training at your convenience
  • ‘Academy’-style offsite sessions followed-up with personal coaching
  • A blend of all the above to suit your needs

If you want a results-orientated and impactful training dedicated to the requirements of your business, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!