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6 Alder Cl, Eastbourne BN23 6QF, UK
6 Alder Close England BN23 6QF GB is the UK’s leading independent supplier of Plastic Pallets, Plastic Pallet Boxes and Plastic Containers.

We stock the widest range of plastic pallets, pallet boxes and small containers in the country.

Our strong relationships with leading European manufacturers mean we can bring the very best plastic pallets, pallet boxes and small containers to the UK market. Offering you, the greatest choice.

Who we are

Established in 2001,’ team of experts have over 100 years of experience within the logistics industry.

Founded by Jim Hardisty and Chris Adam as a trading name of All Pallets Ltd, is the UK’s leading independent plastic pallets supplier

Why we do it

So we can deliver the best solution for your specific application.

Our ability to find a plastic pallet, plastic pallet box or plastic container to suit your specification and then customise it if required, means we won’t limit your choice.

We understand today’s supply chain is both demanding and fast-paced.

That’s why we hold large product quantities on site and will deliver from stock, straight to you in three days or less.


Our responsible attitude to supplying and recycling long lasting, reusable plastic pallets and boxes means we can help businesses demonstrate a responsible attitude to their customers

The Life Cycle of a Recycled Plastic Pallet

Our recycled plastic pallets started life as old pallets that are no longer needed or usable and household recycling waste.

They are collected and all the plastic is ground into plastic pellet granules. The pellets are then moulded into a plastic pallet and delivered to the customer.

These incredibly strong and durable recycled plastic pallets can last around 10 years.

When the pallet reaches the end of its working life it is collected or sent to back Go Plastic Pallets, who then send the pallet to our factory in Belgium, where the process is repeated.