Red-E-Pay from Anderson Zaks for secure, low cost, ‘one-device’ Mobile Payments

Anderson Zaks, an independent Payment Service Provider and Payment Gateway has today announced the launch of its card payment app, Red-E-Pay. 

Red-E-Pay runs on Android payment devices like the SUNMI P2 Pro/P2 Lite and the PAX A920 to provide a ‘one-device’ mobile POS solution. Red-E-Pay provides next day settlement, service charge rates lower than 1% and fully integrated reporting giving merchants what they need to see. Free to download from the SUNMI and PAX app stores, Red-E-Pay is ideal for small and micro businesses wishing to accept Contact/contactless payments on these Android devices.

Red-E-Pay is a powerful and flexible app, and when used on devices like the SUNMI and PAX, supports in built scanning, optional EPOS and integrated card payments all on one device.

Red-E-Pay is already live in a chain of pharmacies that have chosen Red-E-Pay in preference to a standalone terminal option. Next month it will be deployed in charity shops, with market traders and for queue busting in garden centres.

For micro businesses such as cafes, pop-up stores/market traders/street entertainers, charities, couriers, and taxis, Red-E-Pay provides a fast, easy and cost-effective way to take payments, with no need for an additional card reader.

For larger businesses, when combined with a mobile POS solution, Red-E-Pay provides a low-cost solution for taking contactless payments and is ideal for the hospitality sector, restaurants, bars, festivals and transportation companies (particularly those that operate outside of metropolitan areas where terminal connection can be a problem. Red-E-Pay continues to take transactions even when there is no mobile signal.

For larger and store-based retailers, Red‑E‑Pay can run on a mobile Android device such as the SUNMI and PAX devices, to provide Mobile POS throughout a store to support social distancing and enable queue busting.

Recently published research shows that people are now more concerned with hygiene and so keen to embrace contactless payments. The research from Mastercard found that over three quarters of those surveyed are now using contactless payments and expect to continue to do so after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.  (Source:—mastercard )

Iain High, CEO at Anderson Zaks commented; “As an independent Payment Services Provider, we have worked with a large number of merchants over the years. Red-E-Pay represents that experience, distilled into an easy-to-use, quick to set up service, that meets the requirements of today’s market conditions.  We are already working with several of our partners to bring this new solution to market to meet the increased demand for cashless payments.”

Contributor: Anderson Zaks

Anderson Zaks is a leading independent omnichannel Payment Gateway based in the UK, delivering highly reliable, fast and secure payment processing services to many hundreds of businesses located across the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA.

For over 20 years Anderson Zaks has been addressing the payments needs of small and medium sized enterprises through to multi-national corporations, and operates in a variety of markets through sector specialist partners. Anderson Zaks customers benefit from flexibility, personalised customer care, independence (from both acquirer and hardware manufacturer) and extensive experience.

RedCard Processing Services provides authorisation, settlement and a range of value-added transaction services. RedCard supports Chip and PIN, contactless, and ecommerce transactions and has connections to all UK and several European acquirers.

Anderson Zaks takes security very seriously, its RedCard Payment Gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, and its RedCard software is PA-DSS validated.

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