PureClarity Offers to Help Businesses Boost Online Sales for FREE During Lockdown

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There isn’t an ecommerce business throughout the UK that hasn’t been affected by government measures to tackle the spread of COVID-19.

For example, companies who have been classed as non-essential are unable to function at the same level if staff are unable to work from home. Even if you happen to be a provider of products which are essential or desirable during lockdown (e.g. food, electronics, exercise equipment etc…) there still remains the challenge of keeping up with demand whilst ensuring staff and customers safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it is important during these difficult times that businesses continue to generate revenue to ensure their survival and fully take advantage of new opportunities which present themselves e.g. consumers who, out of necessity, are embracing ecommerce due to lockdown.

For these reasons, PureClarity have made the decision to help the business community boost online sales, during this time of social distancing, the best way they know how. By offering their ecommerce personalisation services completely free of charge for 3 months– no strings attached!

What is PureClarity?

PureClarity is an online platform which helps both B2C and B2B ecommerce businesses increase revenue, conversions and average order value (AOV). It achieves this by utilising data, including demographics and the current and past behaviour of users, to create a personalised shopping experience. The outcome of which includes an increase in sales and the creation of customer loyalty.  

PureClarity has already boosted the revenue of many businesses worldwide, across a wide range of sectors including furniture, fashion, veterinary and giftware. The platform has achieved fantastic results for big brands such as , Widdop & Co and Zyrofisher as well as many SMEs across the globe. On average, the implementation or PureClarity has achieved the following results for clients:

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How does it work?

PureClarity can be plugged directly into many of the most popular ecommerce solutions in the market place including:

  • BigCommerce
  • Magento 2
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Xcart

As mentioned, data generated by individual users and from overall activity on an ecommerce website is used to create a personalised shopping experience for users 24/7 without manual intervention.

This is achieved by making tailored recommendations to customers during their journey throughout a website and beyond. As you can imagine, similar to a bricks and mortar store, if a customer comes to a website and their specific needs are addressed efficiently, they are much more likely to buy more and visit again. It is also likely that they become an advocate and recommend the exception service that they have received to others. This is the power of PureClarity.

The methods used to create each personal experience includes:

Display banners and recommenders

Personalised display banner and recommenders can cross sell and upsell specific products and brands and/or promote offers and discounts which will appeal to the user based on their previous and real-time behaviour.

Both display banners and recommenders can be placed anywhere on a website from the home page and confirmation page to category pages and product pages. In addition to this, the AI capability of PurClarity can also automatically position them on the most relevant page for maximise conversion, avoids duplication and updates recommendations in real-time as more insight is again as the user navigates the website.

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Intelligent Search

Intelligent search predicts what the customer is looking for in real-time, based on previous behaviour (e.g. past searches, views and purchases), as they type within the search bar. Conversions are also optimised through cross selling, upselling and discounts by displaying similar and/or associated products or promotional banners within the search bar itself.

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As well as your ecommerce platform, PureClarity can also integrate with all email service providers including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and DotDigital. Additional sales can be encouraged through customised e-campaigns following a website visits. Many strategies can be adopted such as purchase associated recommendations and discounts for loyal customers.

Customer segmentation

AI engine PureClarity pre-build and/or custom user segments can be used to target a specific target audiences with powerful, goal orientated marketing campaigns. Examples of segments include:

Specific campaigns can also be created if you want to promote a particular brand or product range. To optimise your ecommerce website even further, A/B testing of content is possible which can be monitored to help maximise revenue for different target markets.

Insight and Analytics

The personalisation that PureClarity provides for users is only beneficial if a business can see that it is having a positive impact on profit margins. This is why the platform includes access to comprehensive insight and analysis which demonstrates how each campaign and area of the website is performing. Trends such as sales by season, day or even time can be viewed and can also be segmented by factors such as demographics, location and device to allow you to target customers more effectively.

The sales performance of individual products can also be analysed as well as user behaviour e.g. people who viewed x also viewed y, products frequently bought together etc…

Personalised e-campaigns can also be tracked for open rates, click-throughs and conversions allowing you to review and optimize for future campaigns.

How to get started?

It is easy to see how ecommerce personalisation can help increase revenue for your business during this difficult time and beyond. To take advantage of this 3 month offer from PureClarity, simply create an account on the website and follow the online instructions. No credit card required.

PureClarity will start working for you immediately. Even if you have just started trading, there is a ‘cold start feature’ which doesn’t require any trading history data to start creating personalised experiences for your users. There is also plenty of on-boarding and continuing support available to get started and to maximising ongoing performance. This includes a dedicated Success Manager and access to the PureClarity Academy.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the PureClarity website to start your FREE 3 months today.