Modern Retail Interview: Kandy Station

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Company Name: Kandy Station

Interview Contact Name and Job Title: Rebecca Hanson, Director and Co-Founder

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Number of outlets: Online Only

Location(s): Online Only – we deliver to anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

Market(s):  Confectionery & Gifts

Modern Retail talks to Rebecca Hanson, Director and Co-Founder, of the delicious and retro sweet shop ” Kandy Station ” where bespoke chocolate bouquet can be found and demolished.

Kandy Station

MR: How do you aim to stand out as a brand?

RH: We strive to be the UK’s number one online retailer of confectionery and confectionery gifts. We have recently had a brand new Magento e-commerce website developed and it is now live, new lines are added to the website daily with a hope to it being the “mecca of sweets” in the coming months.  Kandy Station is the only online confectionery company that does not concentrate on one particular segment of the market. We stock a wide range of sweets including retro sweets, American candy, modern day sweets, sherbet sweets, chocolate, absolutely everything really.

We also create and manufacture our own range of sweet gifts, all of which are handmade in the UK. We have a great range of gifts for lovers of sweets and chocolate, our range includes Chocolate Bouquets, Sweet Hampers, letterbox sized sweet boxes, filled Victorian sweet jars and much more.We are constantly looking for the latest sweets from the UK and overseas and creating new and exciting ways to present these treats as gifts to stay ahead of the curve.

MR: How would you sum up your target customer?

RH: Rather unusually, we don’t have a target customer. The majority of people like to treat themselves every now and then and sweets and chocolate are a great treat.

However, we know that children love sweets and so we do like to target parents (and grandparents as we have found their spend to be higher!), as they will buy sweets for their children as a treat and tend to buy a lot to throw events like birthday parties.

Our sweet gifts are bought across the board and it has been impossible to find any specifics about what demographic is buying them as the range of people in terms of age, sex and geographical location is so wide.

MR: Why should people shop with you?

RH: We offer a fantastic range of sweets from a yesteryear as well as modern favourites and special selections from overseas; I believe we have the best selection in the UK. We offer great prices – they are consistently lower than our competitors.

Being a small, family run company we strive for perfection in everything we do and so offer great customer service. And of course, being a small family business you can rest assured that when you spend your money with us we appreciate your business; your money goes to pay our bills, send our daughter to dance classes and our son to his karate lessons, not to pay for a third yacht for an overpaid CEO!

MR: What do you want to do differently to your competitors?

RH: We strive to offer excellent service levels and strive to be the very best in terms of delivery time, product quality, price and overall customer service.

Our flagship products are our Chocolate Bouquets, we have spent years developing these and believe that they are the best looking and well-made Chocolate Bouquets available. Each of our Bouquets is lovingly made by hand by our small, highly skilled team and sent to a lucky recipient. We ensure that all of our Bouquets arrive in great condition too using our unique anchoring and packaging systems.