MicroSlat International Limited, the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of fine-pitch aluminium slatwall display systems, is so confident you will love its products that it is prepared to give them away for free.

The aluminium slatwall solutions designed by MicroSlat International have a hard-won reputation for top quality and durability. 

Manufactured to the tightest tolerances from highest quality aluminium and designed to fit together in a myriad of different ways, they have a much longer lifespan than traditional display solutions made from MDF. 

Far more than just a display method, the modular system, designed by MicroSlat’s managing director Terry Dady, is as flexible as your imagination. 

That’s why MicroSlat is already in use by satisfied customers in more than 40 countries across the world, including blue-chip companies, major high street retailers, libraries, museums and leading tourist attractions. MicroSlat knows no bounds – it can even be found aboard cruise liners and mobile libraries.

The product has been used to display everything from designer clothes to DVDs, books, electrical goods, jewellery and even sports equipment.

No wonder MicroSlat is known throughout the industry as the last word in stylish, cost-effective and durable display solutions.

And now you can find out for yourself.

MicroSlat’s boss says he is so confident new customers will love the elegance and durability of his product that he is prepared to give them a sample – for free.

Terry says: “We have total confidence in our product – nothing else comes even remotely close – and the best way to demonstrate that is to put the product into the hands of new customers.

“That’s why we are giving away free samples. We are certain that when a customer sees how well made, durable and innovative MicroSlat is, they won’t buy anything else. When you have tried the best everything else just isn’t the same.”

Terry set up MicroSlat more than 20 years ago.

He had been working in the shopfitting sector for many years and his industry knowledge enabled him to come up with a new concept that was better-looking, more durable and much more versatile than the shop fittings he was selling at the time.

He sketched out the concept for what would become MicroSlat back in the mid-1990s but the initial products were not launched until 1998 alongside an associate company. 

Terry says: “I had the designs on paper, but I thought ‘Surely someone else in this industry must be thinking along the same lines and it was just a matter of time before it appeared in our marketplace’. As the years went by, I realised that no one had. So, with the belief in my own convictions, I went ahead with my concept and ideas and launched MicroSlat.

The introduction of MicroSlat’s aluminium shopfitting solutions went hand-in-hand with another innovative display product Terry had designed for CDs, DVDs & Videos. The unique aluminium shelving system allowed for easy fingertip browsing of products, thus increasing sales.

Since its inception, MicroSlat has become a premium player and a global brand in the retail display sector.

One of the biggest strengths of MicroSlat’s products is their versatility.

For instance, although nothing beats aluminium for strength, in some retail environments the craftsmanship, quality and appearance of wood is key.

Now, thanks to MicroSlat’s policy of continuous improvement, it is possible for retailers to have both: the strength of aluminium and the beauty of wood.

Along with the thousands of colour and finish options that are already readily available to soften the appearance of the aluminium, a selection of beautiful woodgrain effect finishes can now also be achieved.

The vast choice of powder coat colours and finishes available makes it possible for MicroSlat to be incorporated into highly imaginative and truly bespoke display solutions. All MicroSlat 25mm pitch profiles are completely interchangeable for added flexibility and colour combinations.

Terry adds: “MicroSlat’s display systems are aimed at helping clients present and store products to their best possible advantage. One of the many benefits of MicroSlat is, it accommodates all standard slatwall fittings, so switching from MDF slatwall to MicroSlat means you can keep your existing fittings. With its unique design and ease of assembly, it can be used and adapted to almost any display or storage environment.”

And if your visual merchandising needs to be changed, MicroSlat can be easily re-configured or re-powder coated to help keep display space fresh and exciting. 

MicroSlat has enjoyed strong growth in the past couple of years – despite uncertainties caused by the will they/won’t they Brexit saga.

Terry explains: “What we’ve seen is that some retailers are fighting back by investing in store refurbishments and rebrands. Some have taken a wait-and-see attitude, not wishing to spend big money with Brexit so close; others are investing in their store estate to make the shopping experience as good as it possibly can be as a way of attracting more customers – and that’s where we come in.” 

Keen to invest in UK manufacturing, the Darlington-based company sources as much aluminium from UK suppliers as possible.

The company pledges to always strive to exceed the customer’s expectations at all times.

As Terry says: “Often the greatest challenge is ensuring that the largest orders are fulfilled on time. When you are providing slatwall and fittings for major multinational companies the numbers can be daunting. Our proud boast is that MicroSlat has never been found wanting – no matter how big the order.”

With a continued commitment to ‘all-aluminium’ construction, Terry adds: “MicroSlat will not sag, break or bend – it is a premium shop fitting display solution that is built to last a lifetime. That’s why MicroSlat’s products have been specified by some of the world’s biggest and most successful retailers.

“Shop-fitters and designers already know that nothing compares to MicroSlat for durability, flexibility, strength and good looks.”That’s MicroSlat – the very best shop fittings you can buy, built from the finest materials and infinitely configurable. The only limit is your own imagination.

Contributor: MicroSlat International Limited is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of fine-pitched aluminium slatwall systems and associated components for the retail, library, office and exhibition markets. Based in Darlington in the North East of England, they supply their systems globally to a wide customer base.