Kardex introduces their virtual stand

Virtual Global Exhibition

In the wake of Covid-19 and a move towards increased consumer purchasing online, Kardex introduces their virtual digital experience to enable greater comprehension of the benefits and breadth of solutions on offer. 

The new Kardex virtual innovation delivers an immersive browsing experience for all visitors to the site. It will enable visitors to find and select the industry-specific, real-world scale solutions necessary to meet the growing needs of intralogistics today.  

As the market leader in dynamic storage and automated & retrieval solutions, a major component in Kardex success has been in combining the full life-cycle suite of solutions with the latest digital innovations. For the first time the new virtual exhibition stand presents all Kardex products/solutions and partnerships at-a-glance. 

“One thing the pandemic has shown is that we no longer need to attend an exhibition in person to see the latest automation technology.  We have developed an online solution that focuses on the changing requirements of the market and is designed to lead and guide visitors to a virtual platter of solutions, technology, and innovation. Visitors can gain exclusive insights into our product/system and life cycle service portfolio, as well as expert webinar and industry-specific solutions.” Debra Wilkins Kardex Remstar, Regional Director MarCom NEEU.

The pressure on retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and distribution companies is increasing exponentially, and global organizations such as Kardex have decades of expertise in understanding the trends in the market. So, it’s no surprise that they are one of the first to develop an online solution to enable their customers to remain competitive in a changing market. 

About Kardex

Kardex is a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. The Group consists of two entrepreneurially managed divisions, Kardex Remstar and Kardex Mlog.

Kardex Remstar develops, produces, and maintains dynamic storage and retrieval systems and Kardex Mlog offers integrated materials handling systems and automated high-bay warehouses.

The two divisions are partners for their customers over the entire life cycle of a product or solution. This begins with the assessment of customer requirements and continues through planning, realization, and maintenance of customer-specific systems. It ensures a high level of availability combined with low total cost of ownership and operation. Approximately 1,900 employees in over 30 countries work for Kardex.

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