Modern Retail Interview: Adorabella Crowns

Adorabella Crowns

Company Name: Adorabella Crowns

Interview Contact Name & Job Title: Shelagh Linton – Owner of Adorabella Crowns

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Number of Outlets: Online ecommerce site

Location: Brixham, Devon

Markets: Fashion/Weddings/Film/Photo-propsModern Retail talks to Shelagh Linton, the owner of Adorabella Crowns, where you can find the most beautiful flower crowns for weddings, festivals or any occasion you want to wear a perfect flower crown for! 

MR: How do you aim to stand out as a brand?

SL: I consider myself to be 50% of my branding, so part of what I do is to be consistently human; talking and communicating with my clients and customers as much as I can, so when they think of Adorabella they think of me and vice versa. I aim to make an impression whether that’s by my product or myself or both. I ensure my product is presented well, the packaging is a top priority, I want my customers to receive their crown and love it and part of that is how they feel when they open the package. Every crown goes out with Adorabella crowns business cards, comp slips, Adorabella ribbons, and if it’s for a special occasion e.g wedding, christening, anniversary, I include a hand written occasion card for the customer.

MR: How would you sum up your target customer?

SL: My customer target is 99% female aged between 16 years and upwards, a wide age range as my crowns can be used for so many different occasions and reasons. E.g. weddings, christenings, cosplay, film props, photoshoots, festivals etc., the remaining 1% is male and tends to be photographers and film producers.

MR: How do you use technology/media/ecommerce to improve your offering?

SL: I have an e-commerce website, which I keep it updated and link it with my social media, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I post every day on all my social media and check insights and stats to see when and where interest is coming from, e.g. I have found the best time for me to post on Instagram is around 8am-10am.

I also collaborate with Lifestyle Bloggers and You Tubers…this has helped raise my profile and gained sales. I am currently writing a blog and will be adding a regular blog to my website.

MR: What do you love about your work/business/brand?

SL: I love being my own boss, I plan my time to fit in with my life, and as I am my own boss, it’s down to me to make it work. I love creating new designs, seeing them come to life and being purchased by customers, it’s a great buzz. I also love collaborating with other businesses, getting together to discuss ideas is always good for re-igniting your imagination and entrepreneurial spirit.

MR: What advice would you give to a new retail start-up based on your experience?

SL: Whether you have a physical high street store or an e-commerce store, the advice I would give is the same….Do your research, know your market, make sure there’s a need for what you are offering, know where your customers are coming from and why. Test it out on friends and family first if you can, they will always tell you the truth….

Be passionate about what you’re doing, offer the best customer service you can, ensure your product meets expectations, be brilliant, brave and shine. And finally, “no ice-creams”, which I guess basically means, don’t spend money unless you are getting a return on it.