How V2 Cigs Created a Content Strategy to Boost Online Sales

v2 cigs content strategy

Dominating the vaping industry as an ecommerce vape website  is not easy. According to the statistics published by ASH organization UK, there are around 3.6 million in the UK. There’s strong competition among vaping stores across the UK. The only way a vaping store can survive in a growing industry is by focusing on a proper content strategy.

A good content strategy can help your website rank over other websites. It shows Google that you are working on your website, which is something that they like. The more evergreen and good content that you have, the more keywords that your brand can rank for. This will increase your exposure to new customers.  V2 Cigs has understood this fact and has excelled in the market in recent years by focusing on a proper content marketing strategy. 

V2 Cigs’ content strategy

Keep reading to find how V2 Cigs developed a strong content strategy that has brought results for them.

1. Creating valuable content

The vaping audience comprises of several segments. Some of the vapers are those who have been chronic smokers in the past and rely on vaping to get rid of their smoking habits. Others are newbies who are trying vaping as a new habit. 

It’s important that content published by an ecommerce vaping store is fit for all its prospects and customers. If you check the V2 Cigs blog about vaping, you will find that they have been successful in creating content that meets the demands of all their readers. 

Their content has helped them address the needs of their audience. Therefore, the content they have produced in the past has helped strengthen their content strategy and get good results. 

2. Teaming up with the right designer

Most people make a common mistake when creating content is ignoring the design element. Regardless of how amazing your content is, if the design coupled with your blog is not great, you will fail to get the desired results with your content strategy. Also if the font size of the text is to small, this could also cause an issue. 

Proper design is essential for the success of a content marketing strategy, and V2 Cigs has worked on this area too. Taking a look at their blog shows that they have created a coherent design that fits well with the content they produce. 

3. Content that’s fit for all platforms

No matter how valuable your content is, if it’s not fit for all the platforms, it will not give you the results you want. The good thing about the content strategy of V2 Cigs is that their content can be used across multiple platforms. They may need to tweak some items, but it can be done. 

Doing so has helped them build a good rapport with their readers and prospects. They regularly share links to their content on social platforms, which allows them to attract new customers with minimal effort. 

4. Developing a content calendar

Dumping tons of content on your blog at the same time isn’t good at all. Customers don’t want to read a book when they open the “Blog” section of an ecommerce store; they want to get relevant information in a digestible manner. 

V2 Cigs has implemented this element in its content strategy as well. They have been publishing content regularly for a long time, which has helped them cement their position in the market. 

5. Staying connected with the audience

Content published on an ecommerce store should never be meant for the “Pros” only. If the content produced by a business is only meant for people who have been doing something for years, that content will never be good for newbies. 

V2 Cigs has created content that’s fit for everyone in their audience. From beginner guides to serious advice for pros, they’ve published everything. 

6. The human touch

One of the common mistakes businesses make when producing online content is not focusing on the human touch. People don’t want to read content made for search engine bots. It’s true that adjusting keywords in content is important, but it shouldn’t feel “Robotic” to the readers. The good thing about the content strategy implemented by V2 Cigs is that it has a certain human feel.  

7. Focus on the feedback loop

A company that thinks they know everything about their industry fails to get ahead. V2 Cigs is not one of the brands that never value its audience. They have always focused on the statistics to ensure that their content strategy is fit for their readers.