How To Organise Your Packing Supplies For A Small Business

Packing supplies

Running your own business is a goal many share. One of the first steps is thinking of a solution, service or product needed in the industry and thinking of ways to turn it into a reality. Building the brand and setting a foundation for it to grow are steps many individuals will take to start their own business.

Small businesses that sell products may often find space and storage the most common areas they struggle with. It is common for many small business owners to organise, pack and send purchased items. The main reason is the money it can save them from not having to hire additional support. As the business is in its early stages, it may not have the funds to recruit others.

Instead, small business owners have to find and implement ways to help them create a functional working space. It has to be a usable space that enables them to operate efficiently. A key part of this is the organisation, especially packing supplies.

Best ways to organise packing supplies

If you are a small business owner looking to update your packing station, here are a few ways to help you organise your packing space.

Evaluate The Space

Before you plan how to organise, start by evaluating your space. When you look at the area you have, it can help you create a plan for managing your packing supplies. You can avoid the disappointment of designing a space, finding items and furniture to help create an organised packing station only to find that there is no room available for the plan to become a reality.

Be realistic about how much space you have and what could fit into the available space. It will help you have a clear understanding of what furniture to invest in. In addition to this, you can stock up on enough packing supplies to fill the dedicated spaces for packing materials.

Invest In Shelving Units

After gaining an idea of what space is available, the search for how to store packing materials begins. You may consider investing in a shelving unit, such as the ones available from The Workplace Depot. The business has differently sized shelving units to choose from. Depending on the space size, The Workplace Depot could have a storage solution to fit into your packing station area.

With the suitable shelving in place, you can then decide how the packing materials will be organised. Consider what items are the most used, often needed, and the supplies used occasionally. Knowing this will help you decide on the placement of the packing materials. The ones used the most frequently can be stored on shelves and at a height that requires minimal effort to reach. Only occasionally used items can be placed higher up on the shelves or further back. 

Utilise Storage Containers

Once you have invested in a shelving unit or a set of draws to store packing materials, it is worth deciding how they will be organised. An effective way of organisation is through storage containers. Each storage container could hold a particular item. For example, you may have a container containing small envelopes or one with blank labels for the label printer.

Investing in storage containers can help keep your packing space organised and free of clutter. Since most of the containers come in various sizes, you can purchase different sizes to fit into all areas available to help maximise the storage available.

One thing you might also decide is to invest in clear storage containers. Clear containers enable you to see precisely what you have left of a product or packing materials. It helps to minimise the risk of ordering more supplies that you do not need or have the room to store once they do arrive.

Label Boxes Clearly

When all storage containers are filled with packing material and supplies, consider labelling each box. Using a clear container can show you what is inside. Depending on how you have arranged the packages, you may find that it is a little challenging to know exactly what the box contains. Choosing to label each of the boxes clearly can help identify what is in each storage container.

If you have friends around to help you with packing orders, they might not know precisely what boxes contain what items. Having clearly labelled each box will enable them to help you more efficiently. It will help to reduce the times you might have to stop to find an item in one of your storage containers.

The benefits of organising packing supplies

A small business that is well organised can have a noticeable impact on its success. It can enable them to operate efficiently, with reduced errors occurring. Small business owners can complete tasks quickly to help create a reputation for a fast turnaround time. Building this reputation can help develop a positive image for the business, which can help attract potential customers to the company. Organising how the business packs its orders can support a small business’s growth and journey.