How to optimise sales from your existing site traffic

Most ecommerce businesses would love to increase customer traffic, but sometimes it is hard to do so. Consumers face a lot of choice when they shop online so with these other choices it might be hard to get the attention you need to drive traffic and sales. There are many possible reasons as to why your traffic and sales may not be doing so well. But the most common reasons are cart abandonment and low conversion rate optimisation. By solving these two issues you could optimise both customer traffic and sales. Many think to optimise customer traffic and sales you need to buy ads, but this isn’t true. There are other techniques which can optimise your traffic and sales to increase your earnings.

Prompt your Audience

One way to make sure you are not missing out on potential sales is to use prompts. This can be an exit intent pop-up or emailing them about an abandoned cart. People abandon their carts for various of reasons, you can recover a large proportion of abandoned carts by emailing them with prompts such as, ‘Forgotten something’. By doing so, you are optimising your current traffic. This is easier to do as they have shown an interest in your product or service. The easiest way to increase your sales to grab the visitor’s attention at the right point. The exit intent pop-ups just do that. When the visitor is about to leave the site, you can use a pop-up to change their decision using valuable content such as a discount code. But make sure to never use pop-ups when they are browsing, as this can affect their buying decision. Outsourcing exit intent pop-ups from third parties such as Socital is more efficient than doing it yourself. This will require minimal effort and time from you. They are hassle free, and relatively cheap. Exit intent pop-ups can be a onetime fix, but you will need to update them from time to time. So, for example, you have 15% off the first month and then the next month it is a 10% discount, but this is unnecessary. This can harm the sales items as visitors will have more choice of the full price items and as they can use the discount.

Be Proactive

To optimise traffic and sales you will need to be proactive. Making quality content is great, but if people need to search for it, they won’t bother to do so. Therefore, making sure that you provide your content to the people is important. Using social media, you can promote your content easily to your customers. This content can have links to your site where you can optimise your traffic. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc are great ways to get your content out to your customers. If you are a B2B product company, Google+ promotion increases your reach with customers as it helps to personalize your search results. Using social media is easy and cost effective, but to maintain it, you will need to spend significant time and effort. This means as a business you will need to post daily or even interact with customers by answering their questions. So, it requires consistent attention to use this technique. Some might find that this will take up a large proportion of their time to do so. By outsourcing you can hire a freelancer or a third party to create posts and interact with your potential customers for you. This will save time. But it would increase the costs, which might not be ideal. It is important to note that active participation on media will optimise your current traffic as you engage with them.

These are not the only methods you could use to increase sales, but they are the easiest and cheapest ways to earn more. Getting out the most of already received traffic is the most efficient way your company can earn more by marketing to those visitors and grabbing their attention. These visitors have shown their interest in your product, so the only thing you need to do is to get them to the end of the process to make a sale.

Contributor: Socital