How to Nurture Teamwork in Your Employees

How to encourage teamwork in retail

Managing a team of retail employees can be tricky. You have a lot of personalities that can either get on like a house on fire, or clash when you least expect it. This article looks at he best ways to nurture and encourage teamwork in the workplace.

Teamwork is key during peak

Throughout peak, with increased demand on the retail sector, or any other time of year with increased pressure, these teammates will have to work closely with each other, and you will have to be able to navigate differing opinions on what direction projects should take, how the team should achieve objectives, etc. 

If you’re looking for ways to encourage more compatible work in your employees, there are a few different things you can do to keep everyone happy and focussed on their work. Read on to find all the details.


If daily operations are causing problems or can be done more efficiently, you might want to think about shaking things up by retraining your retail staff. Retraining can restart everyone on equal footing, as well as offering them new skills they can take into the workplace. Your team will work together getting to grips with the new way things are run, even if it means a slight bump in the road in operations. 

Online courses like those offered by LinkedIn Learning will offer your team a means of going through their chosen course together, allowing them to study as one. Meanwhile, you can track progress and decide what course suits your needs best. 

You get to refine how daily operations occur, you get a newly qualified team, and you have a team that has learnt to work together. 


Bonuses give team members something to work towards. Offering your staff members a goal will make them focus by showing them what is in it for them. They allow employees to become invested in the company’s goals by aligning their personal goals with the company’s. 

If you have a project or event coming up that you expect will gain you a decent profit, you can consider offering employees a share of the profit to have them all working towards the effective completion of the project.

You can try this employee benefits software, which, as well as allowing you to offer and distribute bonuses through a simple software direct to their smartphone, is designed to allow you to manage employee benefits. It is a quick and simple way of keeping track of all your employees’ financial needs without the burden of administration.

Project management

If you remember school or university group projects, you’ll remember the biggest gripe is the team member that isn’t pulling their weight. You can bypass these grumblings entirely by distributing all the elements of any retail project amongst your staff yourself. 

There are a few different project management platforms online, such as Trello, that allow you to oversee the project from afar. You can set up a card detailing the different tasks that need to get done to finish your project and assign tasks to each staff member, with each card showing you the progress that’s being made.  This is ideal when changing themed visual merchandising or restocking a store.


A uniform is known to increase productivity and evoke a sense of pride in the organisation handing them out. There are a few industries where a uniform is more common than others, like retail or construction, but there are ways to incorporate your branding and logo into your employees lives to instil some company pride. 

In an office environment you can offer everything from stationary to socks emblazoned with your company logo to give your employees some pride in their work, which in turn will make them work better together to create a better business. If you work with food you can hand out aprons with the logo embroidered, or hard hats with a logo sticker if you work in construction.