How to get more views on eBay

how to get more views on ebay

Multi-channel selling is becoming increasingly important in retail today. Smart retailers know that it’s vital to not only get their products seen but also to identify the platforms that are most successful at driving sales. It’s crucial that everything possible is then being done to maximise the performance of those platforms. If you’re listing products on eBay, you’ll want to know how to get more views on eBay and, of course, how to increase sales as a result.

Well, to begin with, and it may be stating the obvious, but it’s really important for eBay sellers to follow eBay’s own advice. In their blog on improving your eBay sales & marketing, the following features are highlighted as fundamental characteristics for any successful product listing:

  • Multiple, high-quality pictures of each item.
  • Full description of the item including all features, dimensions and any damage
  • Postage costs
  • Return policy
  • Payments accepted

Beyond concentrating on the essential elements listed above, it’s then important to tweak the details of your eBay listing to enhance your chances of driving traffic – and sales.

How to get more views on eBay? It’s all about the keywords…

Whilst it is important not to get too keyword-happy, you do need keywords that are optimal for your product.

Type the keywords you’re considering using into the eBay search engine and see what products eBay lists in its search results. This is the best indicator of whether the keywords you’ve picked are right for you. If similar items come up: perfect. If not, then it’s counterintuitive to have your items cropping up in searches where people aren’t actively looking for them.

But just remember:

Synonyms are crucial. For example, eBay will bring up very different results for the searches “notebook” and “sketchbook”. Sometimes it is better to be more specific about the items and, as previously mentioned, prior research can make a big difference.

There is a fine line between being specific and listing items that people aren’t even searching for. If no one has ever looked for a “sketchbook” then the chances of you being top of that search are very high – but equally, you’ll have very low viewings.

So, by all means, use specific keywords but don’t concentrate purely on highly-defined keywords – a good mixture of generalisations and specifics is paramount.

Don’t forget to test, measure, analyse

Checking what works on eBay’s search engine is what will determine your keyword success.

Make sure you’re regularly testing your keywords. If you have two notebooks that are similar, test out different combinations of keywords and see which are responsible for bringing in the best results.

And maintain your reputation

Don’t forget the significance of reputation for your eBay shop. If you’ve made one or two sales, you should check to see if your seller performance has changed, as it can have a massive impact on your sales.  If it is negative, check why – and then aim to fix it.

To get 100% trust and customer ratings you can use these tips:

  • Offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you trust your products and know they’re amazing, then your customer will likely be as trusting in your product if you can back it up with a guarantee.
  • Be completely transparent in your descriptions. Be as detailed and honest as possible when describing your products. Don’t over-exaggerate or incorrectly label.
  • Post your best feedback in your “About You” section. Showing off those testimonials will play a big part in persuading customers to spend with you.

Customer service should be your number one priority. By putting the customer first you will only improve your chances of succeeding in getting more sales and views on eBay.

Don’t fall flat with views on eBay when trying to attract customer interest:

It’s well worth noting that eBay’s algorithm is geared towards the buyer, and not the seller.

The cheapest, most-clicked, most-watched and most-purchased items will always be listed nearer the top. Without having to significantly lower your prices there are other ways to increase customer engagement. Here’s how:

  • List the same product into multi-variant (size, colour etc) categories rather than separate listings for each option.
  • Always be as detailed as possible: fill in as many item specifics as possible.
  • Make it clear if your product is new. Most people assume everything on eBay is second-hand. If it’s new and in original packaging, make this clear.
  • If you can offer free shipping, then do so – it will always attract attention. It’s incredible how many people will spend £90 on your clothes and question everything because of that £2.95 delivery charge.

So to get more views on your eBay listings (and consequently higher sales) focus on the specifics of your listing, change the variables and measure what works, and concentrate on giving the best customer service that you possibly can. If you can excel in all of these areas, then your chances of improving your eBay performance can only increase.