How to Create Facebook Ads that Convert  (8 Essential Tips)

How to create Facebook ads that convert

The user-population on Facebook has been growing exponentially since its inception, making it a popular choice for businesses to promote their services through ads. The intelligent algorithms on the social networking site benefit business owners by displaying their ads before potential or interested customers and encouraging them to convert.

Most business owners realize that Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and running ads here have a substantial impact. However, the ads they create fail to influence their audience and provide them with an exceptional ecommerce experience.   

To ensure your ad meets the expectations of Facebook users, you must implement the correct combination of text, image, and CTA. The key is to craft impactful ads keeping these elements in an account. The ads should also display seamlessly on different devices and placements. 

To help you out, here are some tips for crafting impressive and high-converting Facebook ads for ecommerce

  1. Add Video with Textual Content

When viewers see an ad on screen for the first time, they generally have some questions. Not getting answers to their queries turns them away, and they hop onto the next option. 

Put your product in action. Create the ad in such a way that it demonstrates its usage. 

It would be best if you attempted to satisfy the audience’s curiosity by integrating a short video within your advertisement. 

A video will let you show off your product in a better light and help you connect emotionally with the audience. It will also get you two times more clicks than a static image.  

Below is an example of an ad where Birchbox, an online-based beauty subscription service, attempts to attract customers with a video unveiling their December box.

One look at the video’s thumbnail, and audiences understand the usage and purpose of the brand.

  1. Solve Audience’s Real Problems

Relate to the audience by showing them that you care for them. Emphasize how your product can add quality to their life. Audiences strike an immediate connection if they feel that the product is associated with them. 

Be creative with your ads and show authentic life scenes through pictures. Show them that your product is beneficial in making their life easy. It will significantly impact the audience and compel them to take your desired action.  

For example, let’s take a look at the ad by Noah. The skincare company for men solves the ‘time’ issue most of us face by stating that their products will show results in only two minutes. 

  1. Integrate Testimonials 

Customers may doubt what you promise to deliver, but they would firmly believe other clients’ feedback. You can highlight positive reviews or give social proof to turn audiences into customers. 

According to research, 83% of people trust reviews over ads. You can create a winning combination by compiling them together. 

Besides customers, you can get reviews about your brand from employees, industry experts, and third-party sites like Yelp. 

Another way to prove your brand’s authenticity is by collaborating with an influencer. When an eminent personality praises your product or service, the audience will immediately associate you with popularity. This would ultimately give your brand more exposure and result in more leads. 

  1. Have a CTA (Call to Action)

Tell people what you want them to do through ‘call-to-action’ or CTA. Integrate text like, ‘click here now,’ ‘sign up,’ ‘learn more,’ or ‘order it right away.’ You might feel that it sounds aggressive and commanding, but CTA has an immediate effect. In fact, adding a clear CTA can increase the click-through rate by 285%.

Underlying messages may not influence audiences. Moreover, many people fail to interpret the hidden message. Having clear CTA enhances your conversions and increases your profit margin. 

  1. Create Catchy Captions

Another way of increasing conversion of Facebook ads is to write exciting captions that make audiences stop scrolling and check out your product. People may not be consciously looking for your product, but an interesting phrase might spike interest in them. In turn, they may end up purchasing your product. 

While many marketers ensure to inform audiences about the positive aspect of their product, they often neglect captions. To influence the audience, highlight your product’s benefit by writing a captivating caption to turn them into customers. 

Let’s explore the example below. 

Uber understands that many people are looking for ways to earn extra bucks. The ad has given the most significant impact of the brand a proper place. The caption is a great way of capturing people’s attention, and Uber did strike a chord here. 

  1. Integrate an Aesthetic Layout and Spectacular Image

Neat and clear font, infusion of appropriate colors, and proper placement of images can do wonders to your Facebook ad. Ensure that the layout of your ad is pleasant and straightforward – rather than cluttered with too much information. 

You should also integrate a stunning visual that captures visitors’ attention right away. You can use your own custom photographs or purchase from a stock library and infuse them into your content. 

  1. Use Statistics 

Attract audiences through statistics. Headlines are essential, and you can put your basic statistics there. Another idea is to display stats within the images. 

Instead of having a long paragraph, be precise. Let audiences know how many people have benefitted from your services.

For example, Grammarly, the popular writing assistant, takes pride in showcasing its strength. Almost all of their ads come with the tagline,’ see why 30 million users use Grammarly daily.’ Now 30 million is a huge number that surely catches audiences’ attention. 

The idea is to make people believe that you are offering something impressive and their life would become exceptional with the product. 

  1. Have an Emotional or Inspirational Angle

People are emotional, and marketers can evoke interest by striking the right places. 

Craft your Facebook ad and give it an emotional or inspirational angle. 

The image above showcases a couple in love and hits the audiences’ romantic side. Whereas the tagline addresses’ successful professional women,’ which makes women believe that they can be successful in professional and romantic lives simultaneously. 

Another way to enhance conversion through Facebook ads is to inspire the audience. Although there are several ways to do so, you can have a simple approach and encourage them while using minimal words. Look at the Nike ad. The brand has conveyed an inspirational message in one sentence. 

The product is in action with an inspirational message. The simple ad is powerful in impact and can increase conversion rates. 


Facebook, a social network site, constantly sees an increase in its users. In today’s digital era, not running ads on Facebook is a significant loss for businesses. 

However, simply creating an ad for a social networking website is one thing. Creating an advertisement that ignites the desired action is an entirely different phenomenon.

Several business owners struggle to hit audiences’ nerves through their ads because they fail to implement the primary elements correctly. Try the earlier tips and create poignant Facebook ads that convert and boost your sales. 

Author Bio:

Jon Gorham is the Founder of Engine Scout Digital Marketing based in Melbourne, Australia. He oversees all aspects of his customer’s digital marketing needs including social media marketing. You can contact him via his website, LinkedIn or Twitter.