How to Choose a Wholesale Supplier

Choose a wholesale supplier

Most retailers search online and attend trade shows for product inspiration, aiming to source a reliable wholesale supplier. A wholesaler can impact customers’ entire view of a brand, making product range, reliability, price and transparency vital factors for retailers when choosing the right wholesalers to work with. As such, it is important to choose a wholesale supplier that is suitable, taking time to set up an unstoppable supply chain.

Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding whether a wholesale provider is right for you:


One of the most important, and often easiest forgotten requirements of a wholesaler is effective communication. See how easily you can reach their customer service team and how helpful they are when it comes to resolving queries. You need to make sure your wholesale provider is available, should you need to speak to them, so be careful of those you cannot contact easily.


Ideally, a wholesale provider will offer a wide range of suitable products, giving you choice and enabling you to order multiple products from the same source. Take a look at the ways ranges are displayed and whether the information is easily digestible. Ask wholesalers how the purchasing process works and how often they restock. After all, the last thing you want is to run out of inventory and have to disappoint loyal customers.


It is important to discuss price with your wholesaler, as this will form a major part of making a realistic decision as to whether or not you can stock their products. Have an honest discussion with potential wholesalers about price, as this will often depend on the quantity of products being ordered. While high volumes of products are typically cheaper, you may be able to sign a long-term contract, agreeing to purchase a set volume over a specific period of time to reduce the cost per unit. Explore different ways of reaching a realistic price point when determining whether you can work with a specific wholesaler.

Delivery process

Timely deliveries are essential when it comes to wholesalers. A late shipment of products can result in disappointed customers. In addition to this, being kept informed by wholesalers is incredibly important, allowing you to keep customers up to date. Some wholesalers offer automated updates on the whereabouts of your order, meaning you can track products with ease as they make their way to you.


There is an increasing need for a transparent supply chain, with more customers opting for eco-friendly, sustainable and fair trade alternatives. As such, your wholesale provider should be upfront about their processes and the ways their products are produced. Ask questions your customers may want to know the answers to, so you are in a great position to answer any queries and sell products while including information about the supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Asking these questions when you choose a wholesale supplier will help you to secure a reliable business partner that you will be able to work closely with, delivering fantastic products to your customers.