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How technology is improving the way you buy your ink

Printer ink

Technology has come a long way over the years and has given us easier access to a whole host of things, such as information, tech, family and friends and even the ability to travel around the globe. The way in which we utilise technology has also changed, we are using it to our advantage to save time on mundane tasks and make life just that bit easier.

Almost every aspect of life has been impacted by technology, some in more positive ways than others. However, we are now using it to help us with seemingly small day to day tasks such as restocking printer ink. Whilst buying ink for printers in the home isn’t a regular task, for businesses it can be a time-consuming job. Here’s how technology is improving the way in which businesses and consumers alike purchase their ink.

Next day delivery

We have been shopping online for a long time but it isn’t until the last few years that online retailers have been able to offer a next day delivery service. Even though some still don’t offer this, a number of the biggest tech retailers in the world run swift next day delivery, which is perfect for getting that HP ink order in a timely manner.

Buying in bulk isn’t an option sometimes, as costs can be through the roof or you’re not sure of the quantities you need, so buying as and when can be a more suitable option. This is why next day delivery is such a valuable asset for so many, especially when it comes to ink or toner cartridges that can often run out with little to no warning.

Automated stock control and management

Automation has also aided the way in which people purchase their ink a few different ways, starting with automated stock control and management systems. These systems enable larger companies to keep on top of what stock they have, what they need to replenish and gives a much clearer and organised insight into stock movement. Without systems such as these, businesses would have to perform regular manual stock checks – a task that can take hours or even days to complete.

Technology has advanced so much that we now have printers that can order their own ink just before they run out. Some of these printers work via a monthly subscription which entitles you to unlimited ink during that time. These printers send a signal to the manufacturer to let them know you are running low. Others, order the ink straight from Amazon following a signal from internal sensors – meaning you get your ink delivered just when you need it, without lifting a finger.

It is likely that technology will continue to advance and we will see further developments in the way in which we are able to order and receive the ink we use, but for now, it is easier than ever before.

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