How retail personalisation can boost business: Silky Bouquets

Silky Bouquets - retail personalisation example

Silky Bouquets is a rapidly expanding family business, specialising in artificial flower designs for all occasions. With every design made to order, they have mastered retail personalisation to suit customers’ needs.

Modern Retail had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Jenkins about their journey into retail personalisation and their marketing experiences.

Top tips for choosing and attracting a target market

“At Silky Bouquets, instead of focusing and honing in on one target market, we concentrated on understanding our market, how we could be different and having a strong product – for us this means the scale of our product, speed of service and professionalism.

“I was cautious of narrowly approaching one target market in the knowledge that there is a chance that not only the desires of that audience may change but that we wouldn’t be ready to grow into new markets if and when the time came. 

“It’s also important to constantly reflect on your work, make sure you are still appealing to the market and adapt if the market is changing.”

Taking steps to ensure the quality of products

“Despite our products being largely bespoke, our starting point is relatively standardised, which helps to ensure quality. 

“There are usually around three different individuals that our products will pass through and each team checks the quality of the product, with a final check against the initial order before it’s packaged. We also have a Customer Service Adviser who oversees our quality control. 

“While all of these things will help to catch any mistakes and ensure quality, the main thing is for you and your team to have a keen eye for detail.”

Marketing efforts

“Since I launched Silky Bouquets, word of mouth has been massively important to us but as we’ve grown the role of feedback and marketing across social platforms has helped to increase sales. 

“Our marketing is less about our product and more about bringing customers along on our journey. We market the human element of our business to get the customers to our pages – this could be anything from photos of the team to the Silky Bouquets dog Wally! Both Instagram and Facebook have ‘shop’ options, so customers can then see and buy the products through the ‘shop’ when they’re on our pages.

“However you promote your product, It’s important to understand the demographics of users on each platform – different marketing will suit different audiences.”

Silky Bouquets - retail personalisation example

The importance of retail personalisation

Silky Bouquets is a fantastic example of a business that has taken time to understand its target market and then introduced retail personalisation to cater for a range of preferences.