‘Help is Out There – A New Alternative Source of Funding for the UK Retail Sector”

No one is going to argue that the SME sector provides the backbone to the UK economy. To continue to do so, businesses must grow, increase their number of outlets, invest in new assets, launch new ranges, etc.

However, growth requires financing and the finance landscape has changed dramatically in the UK in the last eight years. Traditional lenders have re-evaluated where and how they want to lend and some are still quite risk-averse to the SME sector. 67% of SME businesses feel that Bank’s products and services have not evolved to support them.

This has created a vacuum into which the ‘alternative’ funding industry has stepped and Liquid Finance is currently the only FCA authorised provider of merchant cash advances in the UK.

Liquid Finance provides a unique funding product to retail businesses, which take credit and debit cards. It is called a ‘Merchant Cash Advance’ and is a flexible, quick alternative to traditional finance.

Is it for me? Have you been in business for over 12 months? Do you take debit and/or credit cards? Do you average over £3.5k per month card related turnover? Are you looking for finance to help fund future growth of your business? If yes to these questions, then a cash advance could be ideal for you.

What can I use it for? We will provide funding for stock, refurbishment, equipment, product development, basically anything that facilitates business growth.

How it works: The Liquid Advance is based on the average monthly card (debit and credit) turnover of your business. The average is usually the amount we will advance you. We charge a fee for the advance. You repay the advance and fee via committing an agreed percentage of your future card takings until it is paid back.

Why is it unique? Repayment of the advance reflects your cashflow and repayments are made daily, thus negating the requirement to provide for onerous monthly repayments or placing pressure on your cashfow. This is particularly relevant, when dealing with seasonal businesses. There are no repayment deadlines, fees or penalties.

There is no business plan required or lots of complicated paperwork.

The advance is unsecured and our team is in place to get the cash to you generally within 10 working days.

What do our customers say? “The Liquid Finance Cash Advance is a breath of fresh air. The repayment flexibility is excellent for us as we have quiet periods and busy periods during the year. I would definitely recommend this to others!”