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Make your own gin kits
The perfect gift for gin lovers!

We are a small team at Kitchen Provisions, with a real passion for all things foodie and enjoy being hands on with our products and customers.

We love to cook up a storm and even better, be able to fix a good drink to go with it. We love to get involved with anything that will create delicious results. This most definitely includes experimenting with our gin kits, whipping up a batch of sloe gin or just mixing a good cocktail. With each of our kits we provide informative instructions and we are constantly refining our products to ensure they will work for you. 

Gin is so hot right now that all the ice cubes tinkling in our G&Ts are in danger of melting.  However, did you know that this must-have drink is possible to concoct in your own kitchen?

Our kits show you how to make your gin-based dreams a reality. What can be cooler than handing across a glass of your own gin? And, with a knowing wink, casually mentioning that the gin has been infused with your own fair hands.

We have three kits available in our range exclusively for retail sales:

The Artisan – Our entry-level kit has a wholesale price of £11.60 + VAT and an RRP of £29.99

The Expert – Our premium kit has a wholesale price of £13.60 + VAT and an RRP of £34.99

The Hedgerow – Our sloe gin kit has a wholesale price of £13.20 + VAT and an RRP of £32.99

As the kits contain no alcohol there is no need for a licence to retail this product.

We hope to inspire. Our aim is for you to hit the ground running and to be able to open a kit and get started.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy everything we have to offer as much as we do.

In addition to our Gin Etc kits available here, we have two real world shops in London. Here we have put together an edit of kitchen paraphernalia from around the world that we believe is useful, fun and versatile. We specialise in Japanese knives, so if you love a good knife to help improve your cooking experience you will love us. 

All our products are tried and tested as we don’t want to clutter up your kitchen cupboards with equipment that won’t see daylight.

Helen Symonds, Tom Saunders and Jake Knibbs – Partners