Future Fit Fulfilment

Future fit fulfilment

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Retailers are able to become more visible and gain a competitive edge in the market through tapping into new products and innovation. Within the world of fulfilment, there are continuous developments that enable retailers to overtake competitors and meet consumer demands.

These trends are some of those that are expected to grow significantly in the coming months and years. Retailers that can work alongside fulfilment companies to deliver these demands will be able to stay ahead of the competition and establish themselves as a forward-thinking brand.

Environmentally conscious delivery

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, with as many as 80% of shoppers’ buying decisions being influenced by the impact it has on the environment.

Previously, the focus was on fast delivery, with shoppers choosing to purchase from those that could offer two-day, next-day, or even same-day delivery. We are now witnessing a shift towards more ethical retail, with consumers agreeing to wait longer for deliveries if it means it can be shipped alongside other items, reducing carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly packaging

Another changing consumer habit is the move away from the likes of bubble wrap and non-recyclable packaging. The demand for recyclable and reused materials has encouraged retailers to rethink their packaging as shoppers and retailers alike demand more eco-friendly alternatives.

Product subscriptions

Ease and convenience remain two of the most important aspects of retail, creating a hassle-free purchase experience. People are subscribing to products that they know they need on a regular basis, creating the need for regular fulfilment, often with the same size and weight of package.

Stock management

Real-time stock visibility is increasing in popularity, as retailers want to see stock levels and the whereabouts of products. Advanced inventory tracking software and stock management systems create the opportunity for more in-depth analysis, through the use of technology.

Order tracking

The demand for order tracking is increasing, with many consumers enjoying being able to track their own orders. This can save retailers and fulfilment companies time, enabling the shopper to understand the whereabouts of their order without the need to contact customer service.

There is no doubt that the world of retail fulfilment is rapidly evolving. Try asking your customers about their preferences and speaking to your fulfilment provider about the ways that they can help you to meet these objectives.

8 Benefits of PHL’s Powerful Order Management System

PHL understands the vital importance of meeting consumers’ expectations quickly and cost-effectively. That is why we have invested extensively in a powerful Order Management System to help online retailers meet the ever-changing demands around delivery and customer service.

Our OMS is custom-built for ecommerce clients. It is continuously updated and improved with features that help our clients keep abreast of this innovative and fast-paced industry. The OMS has all the functionality you would expect, plus we can provide custom-built extras to help your business create a more personalised touch.

Our OMS is a cloud-based platform that acts as the backbone of your ecommerce operations, managing stock, processing orders and tracking customer behaviour. You can access instant, real-time reports from anywhere in the world, giving you the control and agility to face whatever changes the future brings. 


  1. Quick and simple integration with your current ecommerce platforms
  2. Responsive technical advice and support from our in-house IT team
  3. Enhanced customer experience – with seamless API and automated text and email alerts 
  4. Cost-effective, highly accurate order picking with mobile barcode scanning 
  5. Wide choice of marketplace integrations such as Amazon, eBay and Esty, plus many more
  6. Easy to read reports, giving you instant access to business insights and forecasting 
  7. Advanced stock control features, allowing you to manage variables such as multiple sales channels, peak selling periods and manufacturing lead-times for consistent product availability 
  8. Effortless batch code and best before date tracking, with automatic alerts for approaching expiration dates and low stock levels.

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