Introducing: Firehorse

An exciting new UK brand, Firehorse works with talented designers to create unique designs for luxury accessories. 

Launching with a range of twelve scarves, made in collaboration with four up-and-coming designers (Anni Taverner, Emma Kendall, Sheroze Iqbal and Rachel Parker), we aim to celebrate the very best of contemporary British design and artisan manufacturing, creating hand-finished investment pieces.

Prior to launching Firehorse in Autumn 2018, we spent months scouring degree shows and researching recipients of design awards. Our launch collection designers were chosen for their fresh approach to textile design and high level of originality. The result is a debut collection that is diverse, sophisticated, and universal, whilst also managing to be modern yet timeless.

We love working with young designers as they bring enthusiasm, energy and creativity to the brand. But we also work with a team of people with 30+ years of experience who know how to transform their ideas into fantastic products. Each scarf is hand-made in Macclesfield, a city with a silk heritage spanning four centuries, from fine silk satin, sourced from and woven in the traditional silk-producing villages of China. Local limestone waters are used to gently wash the silk, enhancing its lustre, and the designs are then printed on to the fabric. Each individual product is hand-finished by a team of artisans, who softly roll the edges and painstakingly apply hundreds of fine stitches for the perfect finish. This meticulous process ensures a luxurious yet subtle and elegant structure and drape.

 We chose scarves as they provide a simple starting point for a brand with a huge vision. We wanted to produce a product of exceptional quality and by focusing on a simple ‘square’, we could concentrate on executing every fine detail to the highest possible standard. Having established the brand, mastered the quality we dreamt of and received such positive feedback from the marketplace, the next step will be to extend our range of scarves, in terms of design, fabric and finish. From there we intend to explore other clothing products and potentially extend the brand further into homeware. One step at a time though – developing nothing short of excellent products for our customers sits at the very heart of our brand ethos!

In terms of retailers, we’re currently targeting both quality department stores seeking to trial exciting new British brands which complement their established brand offers and help them maintain a fresh and dynamic image in the minds of their customers. The brand is also suited to high quality independent boutiques seeking out beautiful premium brands that offer an element of exclusivity to their customers who value luxury and quality craftsmanship and like to discover products away from the mainstream.

As an energetic newcomer to the fashion market with bags of vision, we’re keen to team up with great partners, be it new design talent or retailers who can help bring Firehorse products to the market and share in the growth and success of the brand. For partner enquires, please email our founder Finella Devitt directly at

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