Christmas is, of course, one of the most profitable times of the year when it comes to retail, and with the average household within the UK spending an additional £800 on top of their monthly outgoings each December, the already saturated retail space becomes an even more competitive place.

In order to stand out from the crowd in the lead up to Christmas and to ultimately get a slice of this spending action, retailers are looking to source and create unique products to bring to the market. Each year, brand new offerings are being showcased, with recent years’ trends including matching pyjamas, Christmas eve boxes and even festive bedding sets.

The home furnishings sector has seen particular changes of late, with the consumer demand for festive interiors proving stronger than ever before. Retailers are looking to increase their offering, looking to the likes of festive cushions, duvet and pillow sets, throws and even curtains to increase profits around the Christmas period. Home furnishings retailer Terrys Fabrics are just one of the retailers who have noticed the rising trend in novelty bedding sets, increasing their offering to over thirty different sets. Sales have been extremely strong, with over a third of all bedding sales throughout November identified as being from the Christmas category and December appearing to follow allow a similar pathway. 

Director at Terrys Fabrics, Paul McGuiness, says “Our Christmas offering has increased greatly over the past couple of years, with more and more of our customers looking to alternate their everyday homewares with festive alternatives throughout December and beyond. We’re really pleased with the popularity of our sets and imagine this trend will only increase further over the coming years.”

Whilst in previous years the more subtle and traditional themed sets have been most popular with consumers, this year the retailer has seen a real shift in buying behaviours, with bright and novelty sets proving the most favoured. With everything from glow in the dark bedding, a Christmas countdown advent calendar set, to winter themed window blinds from Terrys Fabrics, there’s something for every consumer looking to brighten up their Christmas spaces. Festive scene adorned products have also proved popular, particularly those including the famous Santa Claus himself. 

Forecasting which products will be most popular each Christmas season can be a difficult task, but there are certainly learnings to take away from this rise in consumer behaviour when it comes to home furnishings retail. By listening to consumer demands and paying close attention to media trends, as well as previous sales, retailers are much more likely to see an uplift in profits throughout November and beyond.

Contributor: https://www.terrysfabrics.co.uk/