Eyezon: bringing live video shopping to online retail

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Modern Retail recently spoke to eyezon.live, to find out more about the specialist live video shopping platform and how it can help retailers sell their products online.

Introduce us to eyezon

eyezon is a live on-demand streaming service.  It allows customers to initiate communication and learn about the product, in real-time, directly from your sales representative at any moment and at any touchpoint.  This could be from your website, online advertising materials, social media or offline marketing.  The customer experience is completely seamless and private. The customer remains anonymous.  They do not need to show their face, can be silent and require no additional software.  All the magic happens with one click.  By pressing the “See live” button at any touchpoint, the direct and live on-demand connection is established.

How can video streaming be used in the retail sector?

eyezon on-demand live-streaming is a very flexible customer experience and its application depends on each specific category.

For instance, you get a “Personal shopper” in fashion, where your shop assistant is the customer’s “eyes and hands” and walks around the store, picking up different items and styling them live.

With “Review the cart” in FMCG, customers are able to review the product-cart live and check the freshness of the requested delivery before check-out.

The essential “See product live” is applicable to all types of retail: electronics, sporting goods, kidswear and toys, furniture, auto and others.  The customer wants to stay at home and have the same shopping experience as offline? Just show them your product and answer their questions live.  At the moment, eyezon is present across 18 industries with the retail sector being the core stake. 30+ of the largest retailers in Russia and CIS are increasing their sales daily with eyezon.

How important is it to connect and interact with customers and what are the benefits of this?

For decades companies have been in a one-way monologue with their customers. They try to reach them and collect data about their preferences and opinions.  They create numerous polls and use AI predictions.  This leads them to funnel marketing budgets into a commercial, which is imposed on a client whether the product is of interest to them or not.  It is all rather manipulative. 

Our feeds are full of marketing that lacks connection with real customers’ intentions. That is why the direct interaction offered by eyezon is a revival of the historical shopping experience, when customers would go to small stores and have a very personalised consultation with merchants. 

eyezon allows for the replication of this much needed on-demand live experience, when customers initiate interaction online exactly when they want and on a requested item.  It is safe, seamless and convenient. 

How can eyezon be used to create an omnichannel experience, providing an in store experience from the comfort of customers’ homes?

As eyezon is completely touchpoint agnostic, customers can actually dive into direct communication with a brand representative and get a consultation both instore and online. 

With eyezon ads, any marketing material is a touch-point with your sales representative.

Outdoor scenarios include placing a QR code that directs customers to a live stream on printed marketing materials, magazines, instore banners or street banners.  Online is also rich for application scenarios be it email marketing, text, advertising banners, a social media post or YouTube advertising. 

With lockdowns and covid measures, receiving information straight to your home becomes crucial. eyezon allows customers to shop online in the most convenient way.  Sales representatives share their eyes with customers to show them the products from every aspect and directly from the store, helping customers make a final decision on whether to buy.

eyezon live video shopping

What do your customers have to say about their experiences with eyezon?

With all the benefits it gives for online shopping, it is no wonder eyezon is loved by end customers. 

We currently have around 150 000 users, who leave their votes and comments about live streams on a daily basis. Here are some of them:

“Thank you very much! This is a very convenient service to make a purchase remotely.

“Arthur is a wonderful consultant.  Qualified, very friendly and patient (I’m nerdy!).”

“Thank you.  After such a great consultation you don’t need to go to the store, just buy online straight away.”

Moreover, one of our clients once put the service on hold due to internal organisation difficulties. As a result, their customers were furiously demanding to bring back live consultations as soon as possible in order to receive the customer experience they had become accustomed to and which helped them with purchasing decisions.

How can our readers see how eyezon works in real time?

We are currently launching the solution in EMEA and LATAM.

At the moment, however, the majority of eyezon clients are in Russia and the CIS and include brands such as adidas, The Body Shop and De’Longhi.  

You can try the experience through their local market website or readers are welcome to visit our website and click the button”‘show me live” on the page https://www.eyezon.live/learn-more. Our team will pick up the request and start a live stream for you.

What’s next for eyezon and how can our readers stay up to date?

Future eyezon plans include scaling some of our sandbox products, such as eyezon ads and eyezon showrooms. 

With eyezon ads in your eyezon personal account, you will be able to generate a link to seamless embedding in any online advertising format: YouTube video, email marketing, banner, social media posts etc.  Whereas eyezon showrooms is a service for providing the business with streamers on a turn-key basis.  We handle everything from education, organization and payroll, and you only have to harvest your streams and sales.

In addition to this, we are in the process of creating a new website.  The website will provide a sandbox experience for all visitors, taking them on a journey of discovery with regards to what on-demand live video shopping is, its unlimited usage scenarios and how all the different industries can benefit from it. 

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