Europe’s Digital Transformation Report Unveils Findings

Digital transformation

Europe’s Digital Transformation Report unveils how top businesses are sustaining their future success.

Both established businesses and startups need digital transformation. The ever-evolving nature of the commercial world has made it both necessary and reasonable to review its operations with technological innovations such as digital transformation. 

Contino’s digital transformation report has a list of 20 business innovators that have successfully upgraded and transformed their business operations through digital transformation. These innovators have adopted the cloud-native infrastructure innovation to build a business structure that would make for sustained business success in the future. 

There are quite some reasons why these tech leaders decided to utilise cloud-native technology, making them steps ahead of their counterparts in the business world and here are some of them: 

Speed and Agility

Today, everything happens in a flash in the business world. The ability of your business to react quickly to such changes and innovate at speed in response to these changes is very pertinent to its future success. 

Old IT models do not usually give you the speed and swiftness required in today’s business world. On the other hand, cloud technology is very fast and agile. You can easily upgrade to the latest automated cloud servers by instantly opening an account with your IT service provider, and create and deploy servers at once.

Better Exposure to Latest Technology 

Concerning digital transformation, a proper one allows your business access to the latest technologies. With cloud computing technology, every technology is at your beck and call as they arrive. The cloud brings you technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and other prime technologies that are making the commercial world tick. 

Ideal Solution for Disaster Recovery

The Truth is that no technology is 100% secure against breaches and cyber attacks, but cloud computing technology safeguards your system against major breaches and disasters like server failure. Cloud servers are usually virtualised, which means they aren’t tied to the physical machine, so, if the physical server has a problem, the virtual server can be immediately moved elsewhere. Due to this ability, cloud servers can guarantee your system 24/7 active time. 

When it also comes to backup solutions in case of emergencies like unexpected server downtime or crash, cloud computing gives effective database backup to ensure swift disaster recovery. 

Flexible IT Resource

Cloud-native computing technology gives you flexibility and solutions concerning IT resources. Cloud computing gives you more access to IT resources than what you get on-site. With cloud computing, you can deploy additional resources instantly without having to set up for such. 

The COVI -19 pandemic has also impacted the decision by many businesses and tech leaders to adopt digital transformation to accommodate the exigencies of today’s commercial world. 

COVID-19 – A Factor Accelerating Digital Transformation?

The truth is that COVID-19 has sped up the adoption of digital transformation technologies for businesses. The crises brought about by the pandemic has changed the way businesses and major sectors of the world economy operate. Most operations are now remote, and the need for online operations is ever-increasing. Let us take McKinsey & Company, for example. 

In just a few months of the pandemic, according to a new global survey of Mckinsey executives, their companies have sped up “the digital transformation process of their customer and supply chain interactions and their internal operations by three to four years. And the share of digital or digitally enabled products in their portfolios has accelerated by a shocking seven years.”

Sustaining Business Future Success Through Digital Transformation and Cloud-Native Processes

Cloud-native technology is very important if you are to have a successful and productive business franchise today. Digital transformations in the form of cloud computing setups enable faster and smarter database systems, operationalise platform costs, improve database security, increase the speed of computing systems, and make for an overall stable and secure database system. 

The conclusion is clear, every business that intends to sustain its success levels for four, seven years to come must adopt digital transformation in the forms of native-cloud tech and other technologies.