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Envelopes Ltd: Find a greener way to post your items

Envelopes Ltd, established over 20 years ago, has managed to grow from a small family run business to having the largest stock range of envelopes and postal packaging in the world.

We operate from three different locations (Loudwater, Buckinghamshire; Newark, Nottinghamshire and Sheffield, Yorkshire) where we distribute a wide range of products like book wraps, capacity fluted mailers and our brand new environmentally friendly range – Envirolopes, including our flutelopes and combelopes, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bubble bags and Boardlopes a plastic-free white corrugated all board.

As a company built around customer-centricity, Envelopes Ltd always goes above and beyond to offer a great experience from ordering to delivering your products. We have an amazing sales team with regional sales representatives able to help at any time, our customer service team are able to speak many different languages, are available every working day, a dedicated bespoke and print team ready to assist you with any questions around your projects or quotes, and a fantastic warehouse team offering a quick turnaround time, dispatching same day orders if placed before 2pm.

All our products can be completely unbranded with no minimum order level, plus for customers wanting to add their own style, a wide range of products can be personalised with our onsite digital and litho printing facilities – from box mailers, board back envelopes, padded bags and so many more.

We are constantly striving to do our best and reduce our environmental impact, we felt that it was important to introduce a range of eco-friendly packaging to our customers, offering a “green” alternative to all our current products. Our goal is to help reduce plastic from the world of envelopes and postal packaging and we are always taking more step towards a “green” company, adjusting as many products as we can and internal recycling everything we can.

Our own packaging

As a company shipping packages all over the world, it was vital that we made changes in our
warehouses and offices. We are trying to be the change we want to see in the world, our packaging is now eco-friendly, our parcels are no longer sent out in any form of plastic, instead they are being shipped in cardboard boxes or paper mailing bags, and sealing with paper tape to avoid using cellotape. To secure items we shred used cardboard boxes and paper to create the extra protection required, anything that can be re-used is being re-used – making recycling so much more effective.

Envirolopes range

The demand for our eco-friendly products is increasing every day as more and more companies and individuals are trying to reduce their impact on the environment and doing that at a reasonable price is one of our intentions. To this end, we have created a new brand category – Envirolopes – a brand that houses an increasing range of envelopes and postal packaging products, made solely from sustainable materials.

Our award-winning Flutelopes are a perfect alternative to plastic bubble bags. They have a
protective corrugated inner layer and are made entirely of paper and glue. This makes them
completely plastic-free, fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Flutelopes are available in a range of sizes to protect your most precious items and come in 4 colours: white, black, red and orange.

Our Combelope has an innovative padded inner layer, customers have the option of choosing between a single or a double layer protection. The Combelope is also completely plastic-free, fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. It comes in Manilla and is available in an array of sizes and soon in many more colours.

The Boardlopes are a plastic-free white corrugated all board, they come in two sizes and have an easy-opening rippa strip and a peel and seal flap – perfect for e-commerce packaging.

All these products can be overprinted digitally with your own branding. This will be great for your brand recognition on the market and have a more professional look, most importantly you will show your customers that your company operates on a strong eco-friendly ethos.

If you are looking to make “greener” choices, our Envirolopes range includes recycled envelopes, bamboo envelopes, eucalyptus envelopes, book mailers and glassine bags. One of the most popular are items made of bamboo, one key benefit is that the paper is acid-free, that means it can be stored for a lot longer without the risk of the products getting discoloured, it also has the ability to decompose naturally without causing any harm to the environment, which makes it safe for all disposal systems. The making of the paper is a much more “green” process without the use of the same strong chemical treatment or energy and water usage, it also has a superior tensile strength, thus producing stronger paper products – with less dust particles it produces a softer paper compared to other recycled products.

Long term goals

Envelopes Ltd’s goals is to replace traditional products containing plastic content with ones made solely from recyclable and sustainable materials. Sustainability is in the front line of our decision-making, designing and sourcing products that would proudly carry our Envirolopes logo moving forward. A number of popular ranges is currently being re-developed including all board envelopes, capacity book mailers and capacity fluted mailers, with a goal of replacing the existing plastic easy opening strip with a new patented environmentally friendly easy opener.

Enquire now by phone 01628 810 000 or email [email protected] – our customer service team will be able to help you find a greener way to post your items!