eBay brings its Retail Revival programme to life in the UK

Global brand experience agency Sense takes eBay’s UK Retail Revival programme into the real world, helping small retailers grow locally and globally.

The world’s biggest online marketplace, eBay, has launched a campaign that brings its Global Impact programme, Retail Revival, to life in the real world.

The initiative supports small to medium-sized business (SMBs) by helping them stay local, but grow globally, and navigate the increasingly complex and competitive retail landscape. The first of its kind in the UK, the campaign is being run by global brand experience agency Sense and focuses on the people of Wolverhampton, a vibrant area with a high concentration of SMBs and entrepreneurs.

It will consist of a concept store and pop-up activation, providing local retailers with a physical space to showcase their goods, whilst also giving the Wolverhampton community a chance to discover the traders on their doorstep, fostering a sense of community. Products from those retailers involved in eBay’s Retail Revival programme will be on display to local consumers who can scan a QR code that takes them directly to the eBay page where they are on sale. There’s also a Click & Collect Desk, where people can pick up items they’ve purchased.

Several of the local traders will also be running workshops for visitors, including make-up tutorials and tote bag making. Meanwhile, HugglePets is hosting a pet day where families can meet and hold a variety of animals, including lizards and tarantulas, with the proceeds going towards an aquarium the local trader is building for children in the area with special needs.     

“Retail Revival harnesses the power of technology and eBay’s global marketplace to support and grow small businesses, strengthen local economies and foster vibrant community growth,” explained Federica Rabiolo, Senior Manager, EMEA Global Impact at eBay. “Launched in select cities in 2018, retailers are learning from eBay how to reach new markets and attract customers from virtually anywhere in the world.

“Working with Sense to bring Retail Revival to life in the real world through a live marketplace and community space will help us make stronger connections with local retailers and entrepreneurs and in turn help them build direct relationships with local customers. We’ve been very impressed with Sense’s creative approach to date, and are delighted to have them on board.”

The campaign will run in Wolverhampton throughout May.

“We’re delighted to be working with our new client eBay on this important CSR initiative,” said Sense Senior Account Director Jess MacGillivray. “Small businesses and retailers are the lifeblood of communities and also play a vital role in national economies. Supporting their development and growth in this way delivers benefits on a local and national scale. The Retail Revival campaign will engage more deeply with SMBs and communities on the ground showing eBay’s commitment and dedication to the cause.”

About eBay:

eBay was the first online marketplace. Today, it’s a household name. A regular feature in lists of best-loved brands, it connects millions of buyers and sellers, helping customers to find the item they’re looking for from its 1.1 billion listings. With 180 million buyers in 190 markets, trade is fast. The UK website sells a car part every second, and last year the online marketplace saw must-have items like LEGO Harry Potter flying off the virtual shelves every ten seconds.

This incredible interest directly benefits the small businesses who trade on eBay, giving them access to an audience once unthinkable for a small shop on the high street. Throughout its history, eBay has helped many thousands of small businesses to succeed. Small British firms regularly rank in the top five grossing sellers on eBay.co.uk’s biggest trading days like Black Friday, and over one thousand British sellers who started with a shop on eBay are now running million-pound businesses, providing jobs to people in their communities.

By partnering with sellers in this way, eBay.co.uk has helped hundreds of thousands of British entrepreneurs over its 23-year history. As a hub of retail in the UK, the marketplace also continues to welcome top brands to the site – including Curry’s, Halfords, GoPro, Canon and more.

eBay also makes it easy for customers to give to charitable organisations. Using eBay for Charity, sellers can donate a portion of their sales and buyers can shop while supporting their favourite causes – adding to the funds that eBay.co.uk has raised for UK charities to date.

About Sense:

Sense is an award-winning global brand experience agency that specialises in helping brands do exciting things in the real world, to create authentic communications across the marketing spectrum. It manages campaigns from strategy to evaluation.