SITU LIVE proves that dwell time is the key to retail success

SITU Live Dwell Time

Dwell time is a crucial retail metric with research showing that shoppers spend more in a physical store than online. What’s more, sales increase in correlation with increased dwell time — so if a customer is looking at a display for 6 minutes instead of 3 minutes, it is highly likely that sales will double. 

SITU LIVE has shaken up the high street with its immersive approach to retail which maximises shopper dwell time to its full capacity. Described as a ‘’living magazine’’, the immersive shopping experience in situ has proven that the more time a customer spends with a product, the greater the positive boost in sales.

How does SITU LIVE do this? SITU LIVE is all about customer experience and harnesses this key metric of success by bringing the latest innovations to life. Shoppers are invited to get hands-on with products in an engaging and informative way as they’re taken through a true customer journey from the clever shopper-friendly layout with different “Experiential Theatres” ™ alongside live in-store demos and events. Not only can consumers benefit from ‘’trying before they buy’’, but brands benefit from deeper understanding of their product and a far better-qualified sales lead compared to a typical search campaign.

SITU Live was founded by Warren Richmond, Warren is a business creator, investor, leader of people and a pioneer in a new age of retailing. His vision for SITU LIVE has given it the platform and foundations to become the only retail platform in the world that positions itself as a “living magazine”.  

SITU LIVE’s story began after Warren devised a plan to create an “immersive retail experience.” Undeniably, his decision to go solo was accelerated by a couple of major changes in the retail sector at the time. Firstly, he, like the rest of us in and around 2010, recognised that online purchasing was here to stay. Secondly, the purchasing model was beginning to change, and brands wanted to sell direct to the end customer in order to enhance their experience, not through a sales assistant in a third-party retailer.   

During the customer journey in-store, shoppers are encouraged to become a SITU LIVE+ member, ensuring the experience continues digitally post-visit. Members are then invited to regular free SITU LIVE events which range from pasta making and yoga to pottery – to learn about the latest lifestyle offerings and technology in a fun, subliminal way. 

“It was always the intention when launching SITU LIVE, to put the products at the heart of our experience. That’s why, with a dwell time 9x more than a traditional retailer, shoppers get to really understand the products, and brands get greater sales.”