Displaysense work with JD Sports on new Beyonce range display!

JD Sports

JD Sports opted for Displaysense’s High Gloss Female Mannequin in White by Hindsgaul, the leading producer of designer mannequins.


Blending top quality construction with unparalleled feminine beauty, these premium female mannequins control the dominance of any shop floor and guarantee to highlight clothes and accessories. With correct lighting, the gloss shine will gain extra attention from reflection.


Sculpted from real female models, these mannequins do not disappoint in the slightest. Detailed muscular definition and a timeless face also provide a high-quality mannequin for many years. Made from premium fibreglass, these mannequins are durable, robust and stands strong on a 395mm round toughened glass base with a calf spike keeping the mannequin upright and sturdy at all times.


Displaysense’s high-quality female mannequins are available in a huge range of different colour or pose options with either a matt or gloss finish and are available from only £415.00. Should you wish to customise the colour to suit your store, or inquire about a bulk purchase, Displaysense is happy to help accommodate your needs.


Please visit to find out more or give the team a call on 01279 460 460 to discuss further.