Putting digital signage to use in your fashion store

digital signage

For any fashion retailer getting their instore marketing right is vitally important. The right advertising, presented at the right point in the purchasing journey can make the difference between making a sale and not securing one. 

If you use too much instore advertising, it is all too easy to overwhelm a potential customer. To the point where instead of being able to quickly scan your store to find something that interests them, all they see are your poster and banner images. In a fashion store, nudge advertising that is tailored to appeal to your type of customer tends to work best. Certainly, when it comes to closing a sale. 

With the help of digital signage, it is surprisingly easy to create this type of advertising. That is to say, instore marketing that converts modern consumers into buyers. 

LCD billboards 

The easiest approach to understand is using instore digital screens as billboards. For example, instead of putting up a static poster using a screen to display a text and photo image. This still works well. With the added benefit that the image can be changed numerous times a day.

Targeted poster style advertising 

The demographics of a fashion store´s customer base changes regularly. At lunchtime, there are likely to be quite a few office workers looking for work outfits. On Fridays, they may also want something to wear on the weekends. Being aware of this enables the store owner to display poster style adverts that showcase the right type of clothing or accessories for that demographic and what they are in the mood to buy. 

Digital banners 

It is also possible to buy and use larger screens that can be used in a similar way you would use a traditional banner. They are a highly effective way to draw attention to a specific area of the store and to create the appropriate ambience at certain times of the year. For example, to promote your Halloween, thanksgiving, or other holiday celebration promotions. 

Window dressing display screens 

These large screens are also ideal for use as part of window displays. You can use static or moving images in this setting. Both are effective, as is sharing the details of instore or even online promotions. They easily catch the eye of passers-by, which can entice them to pop in and find out more about what you have to offer. This in-depth article explains everything that you need to know about using screens as a part of your window displays.

Demo screens 

Occasionally, you will want to demonstrate the versatility of an accessory or item of clothing. In those situations, using moving images is usually the way to go. You can easily use smaller display screens to do this. These can be placed next to the product, or in another location that is likely to draw the shopper´s eye. 

To show videos that show off the versatility of a collection 

Ideally, you want people to buy more than one item. Creating mini runway videos that show off the versatility of a few items of clothing is a great way to do this. You will be surprised by how often people will buy the entire ensemble that they see in these short videos, especially if you package them together as a promotion. 

Use screens to increase loyalty card sign-ups 

Customer-facing point of sale screens can also be put to use. You could easily for example remind them of the benefits of signing up for your loyalty card and invite them to leave their details with the cashier. Similar adverts can also be incorporated into a slideshow for display on other strategically placed screens. 

The future of instore marketing will involve screens 

Traditional paper-based or static advertising still has its place instore. But marketing studies like this one are increasingly showing that modern consumers respond best to digital marketing instore. 

Using screens to make things easier for your customers 

They also like tech that makes their life easier. For example, by providing a touch screen kiosk that enables them to return items that they have bought online, which are not a good fit. Or providing a “memory mirror” screen that allows them to try clothes on virtually and remembers what they have already tried on. 

Instore screen technology is progressing at an amazing rate, and it is a marketing medium that fashion retailers need to understand and start to use. If you would like to learn more about digital signage for fashion retailers just click the link. When you do you will be taken to a short tutorial that will show you step-by-step how to use templates to create your own instore digital display ads.