Delivering online growth through Flexible Fulfilment Solutions

Rows of shelves with boxes in a modern warehouse

In 2020 Britons are expected to spend nearly £175bn online. The challenge to retailers is to win a share of this prize in a highly competitive market. Large eCommerce retailers, like Amazon, possess the resources and economies of scale to innovate logistical solutions while driving down cost. So how can businesses offer their customers Market-leading fulfilment and delivery, against a backdrop of increased service level expectations? 

Outsourcing Fulfilment and Delivery to a specialist company, like PHL, is one way to solve logistical challenges effectively. Founded in 1999, PHL is an owner-managed business with a deep passion for building our Client’s success. Over the years, we have specialised in the provision of flexible logistics solutions for both the eCommerce and Marketing sectors, with significant investments in our market-leading technology and infrastructure.

Our 20 years of experience in Logistics and Sales gives us a unique insight into understanding your business challenges. We know how to strategically plan Logistical Operations to achieve your goals and visions for profitable growth.  

PHL works with a fantastic customer base of B2B & B2C companies, from innovative start-ups to well-known consumer brands. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of world-class services both to the UK and International clients.

The benefits of outsourcing to PHL

There are many benefits to outsourcing your logistics, but for most companies, there are four main advantages that drive the decision-making process.

Add Services – By outsourcing to PHL, online retailers will be able to take advantage of our fantastic range of services, designed specially to compliment eCommerce businesses We have invested heavily in an Order Management System, that seamlessly processes customer orders and inventory, giving consumers a flawless online experience.

Save Time – Managing a warehouse is a distraction from your core business which can end up hampering your growth potential. Instead of spending your time running a fulfilment centre, let PHL take the hassle out of your logistics, freeing up your energy to focus on accelerated growth and sales.

Save Money – Outsourcing offers advantageous economies of scale. It also reduces business overheads, with pay-as-you-use services, removing the significant fixed costs associated with running a warehouse. PHL’s agile resource management will not only be able to scale up during peak and promotional periods but scale down when it is quieter saving profits from being eaten into by a sudden down-turn.

Add Knowhow – PHL offers customers expert advice and problem-solving solutions that come with our 20 years’ experience in the Logistic Industry. This know-how is invaluable but comes as part of the added value of working with PHL as your fulfilment partner.

PHL is joining Modern Retail’s Editorial Board as the Fulfilment & Delivery contributor 

Having worked closely with Modern Retail over the past year, PHL is excited to announce we are joining the Editorial Board. Modern Retail’s passion for promoting the success of online retailers is something that resonates with our core values. Ecommerce is an exciting and dynamic industry to work in, with incredible companies that are continually innovating the online experience. We want to be part of this compelling journey, sharing knowledge and helping transform the industry.