8 Ways to Help Your Staff Love Their Jobs

Help staff love their jobs

Loyal retail employees mean happy teams, productivity, continuous development, and ultimately, a successful business. These 8 ideas will help you create a team of happy and loyal staff who love their jobs:

  1. Hire honestly

When hiring, don’t say what candidates want to hear simply to get staff in. Be honest with the day to day responsibilities so they are able to make an informed decision. If the job is the wrong fit from the start, it won’t be possible to make the member of staff enjoy their job.

  1. Pay fairly

Wherever possible, paying more than the minimum working wage makes employees feel more valued. Create loyal staff by showing you appreciate them and paying more than the minimum.

  1. Understand employees

Take time to speak with each employee and understand what drives them. By knowing their favourite projects, the things they’re most proud of and their passions, you are able to adapt roles wherever possible to drive loyalty. This works particularly well to remind your team that you appreciate and respect them, and do not only see them as a replaceable person to sell your products.

  1. Lead from the front

To run a successful team in retail, all staff need to be motivated and fully understand what is required of them. Being on hand to lead the team works to boost morale and make staff feel valued. By communicating effectively, you can create two-way conversations, setting an example and working to establish positive working relationships. It’s important to not mistake leading by example for micromanagement, as this is a certain way to frustrate staff.

  1. A wider purpose

Understanding the wider purpose helps employees to feel they are a valuable part of the team. Share the company’s goals and objectives, as well as progress, helping to motivate the team. Others may have a wider objective, such as promoting eco-friendly or sustainable products, or donating a percentage or sales to charity. Having these wider purposes works to make employees feel they are doing a great job, not just within their own workplace.

  1. All tools

There’s nothing which will make staff feel undervalued and frustrated more than inadequate equipment. Invest in the right tools for your staff to do their jobs with ease. This can include anything from suitable EPOS systems to chairs behind tills for staff to rest on.

  1. Career reviews and opportunities

Conducting regular meetings with employees can work to identify issues and quickly resolve them. It can also work to set objectives, career goals and training sessions, working towards promotions and taking on new responsibilities. Giving your team the opportunity to speak openly and honestly can work to create a more positive working environment where people feel they are progressing in their career, and help them to feel purpose and love their jobs.

  1. Incentivise

Rewarding and incentivising exceptional performances gives employees something to aim towards. Whether it is a bonus scheme, team lunch, employee discount or competition between employees, providing your team with perks can help them to have fun whilst working.

When staff are given the right opportunities to express themselves, recommend ideas, use their own initiative and experience career progression, everybody will benefit. This recipe for success is certain to not only make the workplace a positive environment which employees love to work in, but it will also help your retail business to thrive.

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