8 Companies Seeking to Innovate the Way Retailers Ship Products

Ways to ship boxes

Retail is a competitive industry where margins are squeezed among brick-and-mortar, omnichannel and online competitors. Retailers have to continue to rely on innovation and technology to differentiate themselves and increase their chances of success.

However, the disruptions of supply chains are stretching companies thin, and the costs of shipping goods are experiencing a massive increase. These issues can cause increased consumer prices.

With supply chains taking a big hit, companies are trying some of their own solutions to help ease the bottlenecks. Enterprises are speeding up the delivery process from chartering shipments to creating more local fulfillment centers to bring more products to the marketplace.

1. Shipt

A rise in third-party intermediaries for delivery is being seen across all retail industry sectors. Using a third party to pick up and deliver orders makes it more manageable for consumers and retailers. 

This company is widely used and owned by Target, which offers same-day shipments for customers locally. Products are purchased through retailers that use Shipt, or consumers can place orders in the company’s app through select retailers.

2. AmazonFlex

Retailers are experiencing challenges to meet consumer demands and strive to maintain a quality experience. With the disruption of the global supply chain and shortages of products, it’s more expensive for companies to ship goods where needed.

However, Amazon Flex is drawing in a larger volume of business while offering high-quality deliveries to customers. The company has chosen to control the delivery experience directly through its own network instead of third-party company use.

The most significant improvement for consumers with Amazon Flex is free two- or one-hour deliveries for a small fee.

3. Street Fleet

When it comes to retailers, speed matters. Street Fleet has been in the business for over 20 years, offering same-day, on-demand delivery services for Minneapolis and St. Paul. The most significant advantage of courier services like Street Fleet is the competitive pricing because of their location-specific delivery options.

With shorter distances, the costs for delivery of products have significantly decreased. Transit and delivery times are more succinct, and manufacturers can move products at a quicker pace. 

4. Senpex

Senpex is a software company that is working toward a delivery partnership program for e-commerce and retailers. The company combines speedy delivery with technology to serve retailers better. Artificial intelligence software allows Senpex to manage an elite courier network to make deliveries possible.

Anar Mamodov, CTO and co-founder of Senpex, explains, “Senpex’s online ordering tool and prebuilt technology integrations make it remarkably simple for any corporate businesses and retailers to offer same-day delivery. The main differentiation is we have a specific AI-based platform, simple API. Senpex API is a small piece of the code plugged into any website, buying and selling virtually anything, including food or any items-related products locally delivered in your area.”

Senpex works around the clock to achieve a delivery time median within under an hour. 

5. Stamps

Retailers are looking for ways to improve shipping for online shoppers. Various options allow companies to provide viable solutions to serve e-commerce businesses better and make operations more efficient.

Stamps.com provides cost-effective and faster delivery methods through USPS (United States Postal Service) and UPS (United Parcel Service). The software itself is a cloud-based platform that lets businesses buy postage online. 

Businesses also have the option to print postage and shipping labels through integrations with UPS and USPS. Additionally, users can save more time by scheduling pickups directly from their place of business.

6. Wing

Drones are enhancing package delivery options, and more companies are finding solutions to use this technology. Drones are making deliveries faster, efficient and more environmentally friendly. Although these deliveries won’t phase out traditional methods, they will still complement them when transporting goods.

Wing is a delivery company that minimizes infrastructure requirements. Drones can wirelessly charge from a landing pad when making a return from a delivery. The company’s goal is to integrate with other merchants of various scales and serve them in the best ways possible.

Wing’s drone deliveries are automated and monitored by pilots who work as air traffic controllers. With the determination of routes, there are a few factors they consider. Weather conditions, distance and airspace regulations are part of its general delivery standards. Drones dropping off deliveries use a winch to place the package in front of homes, and no human interaction is required.

7. Daxbot

The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting the ecosystem of digital intelligence, from manufacturing to transportation to retail. IoT is propelling the revolution with intelligent robots and machine learning. This changes how people live, work, conduct business and purchase goods and services.

Daxbot is a robotics company that is putting robots in the service of the retail industry by offering an electronic delivery robotic service. Dax robots can drive themselves to make short-distance deliveries while maintaining a human interaction with customers.

Additionally, Daxbot robots feature all-terrain treads, which allows them to safely make a three-mile round trip using a delivery schedule portal. 

8. Narvar

Omnichannel is a fully integrated sales channel that enables consumers to buy products online and pick them up in stores. This option is quickly becoming a requirement.

Since the start of COVID-19, retailers have had to make quick changes by shortening the click-to-consumer cycle. According to McKinsey Research, 90% of online consumers expect free two- to three-day shipping. Omnichannel commerce has been widely adopted within the retail sector due to the acceleration of retail supply chains.

Narvar is rapidly changing the way retailers navigate returns, pickups and shipping. The company offers a simple solution for the facilitation of paperless returns and buy-online-pickup-curbside options.

Innovative Solutions Meet Demands and Increase Sales

Companies can streamline their delivery processes and minimize inefficiencies when it comes to product shipments. Although there is still a shortage of consumer goods, producers are taking drastic measures to meet demand. Early adopters of these innovative companies can enjoy increased sales and provide more value to customers.