6 tips to keep an inspiring window display

Visual merchandising

While reputation, experience and products will make customers return, it’s the outside of a shop which will make them enter in the first place. A window display is one of the first things most shoppers see, which is exactly why you should design to impress.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are 6 top tips to liven up any window display.

1. Know your target market

Before you invest in materials, mannequins or fixtures, make sure you know your audience. Think about the type of customer you are looking to appeal to. Which products would this target market like to see and which layouts would capture their attention?

Be careful not to aim your display entirely at your target demographic, as this runs the risk of alienating others, who may otherwise visit your store.

2. Place products at the ideal height

Now you know your target market, decide on key aspects of your display and position them in customers’ eye-line. Make it easily visible, avoiding small items which may be overlooked.

Think about whether you’re looking to capture the imagination of children, adults, or even those driving past the shop when deciding on product positioning.

3. Invest in your display

Window displays can be created on a budget, however this can sometimes be visible and even costly. By investing in the quality of materials you use, it can easily save money in the long-run, as products can be used multiple times and last longer. In addition to portraying more of a premium image, props which can be used for multiple themes can make it faster to plan future displays.

4. Keep it simple

If there’s one thing which makes shoppers come instore, it’s a captivating window display, accompanied by a desire to see what else the store holds inside. Don’t place too many items in the window, as creating clutter is one of the biggest mistakes a retailer can make. Display consultant, Linda Cahan of Cahan & Co. explained: “In retailing, space equals luxury… if you cram items together in a window, they’ll look cheap. Cluttering your window will dilute the impact that your best merchandise would otherwise have on a passerby, and simply make your shop easier to ignore.”

5. Change it up

Don’t let a window display get boring. Every person passing your window should be captivated, and if they pass regularly, this should still be the case. Repeat traffic can create your best customers when regularly changing displays continue to interest them. Many stores opt to change window displays on a monthly basis, planning ahead for the year and purchasing any materials needed ahead of time.

6. Get inspired

Follow blogs, look on Pinterest and visit other stores for inspiration. There’s no harm in getting some creative ideas, and what better place to look than in the windows of your fellow retailers? Find techniques, themes and aesthetically pleasing designs that you can make your own in the future.

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