5 Ways to Make Your Employees Your Brand Ambassadors

Promotion has become more important than ever for businesses to succeed. Brand awareness needs to be in every corner of the market to ensure sales and measure growth. However, it can be difficult to find and hire brand ambassadors that are passionate enough about your goods or services to drive consistent and reliable results. That’s why you should employ brand ambassadors who already know your brand inside and out and are also already invested in it. Which is why sometimes the employees you already have are the perfect brand ambassador. Here are a few ways to elevate your staff and increase recognition.

Badge Recognition

Name tags have been around for decades.  They’re easy to use, inexpensive, and get right to the point.  However, name tags today have been elevated and can be a great way to increase brand loyalty amongst employees. Create custom magnetic backed name badges online, which can be die-cut to the exact shape of any logo, mascot, or design.  Include not only the names of your employees but their seniority and position as well. Personalized recognition is a great way to show employees appreciation, which will result in appreciative brand ambassadors.

Social Shareability

Everyone is all over social media, and in today’s digital marketplace it makes sense for brands to be as well.  However, it can be hard for a brands online presence to appear as more than just a sale or promotion. A great way to enhance your social media presence and boost your credibility is to encourage employees to post to your brand’s social platforms.  This way, followers see real world applications of products and are able to relate to them easier. It’s less difficult to convince consumers to buy into a product or service if they can see how the brand actually makes their lives easier.

Patch It Up

Patches have been a trend forever, and with good reason too.  They’re affordable, durable, and always look fashionable on clothing or accessories. For an easy way to get staff in the brand ambassador spirit, create custom patches of mascots, logos, or personalized designs.  Patches are a great way to create “exclusive” seasonal designs to include in orders and make for a much appreciated freebie for employees.  Since patches easily adhere to clothing and accessories, advertising for your brand will go wherever the wearer goes.


Speaking of incentives, a simple way to encourage employees to be brand ambassadors is to offer incentives for them to do so.  This doesn’t have to be anything expensive, or even out of pocket. Have extra swag, samples you picked up from a marketing event, or even coupons for local businesses? Offer them to employees everytime they make a post on social media or give away handouts and business cards. Giving often inspires other to give back, so be sure not to frame these incentives as a contest as employees don’t often enjoy being pitted against each other.

Laptop Stickers

It’s pretty common to walk into any cafe, bookstore, or even public transit and see a slew of people on their laptop.  Stickers for laptops have become super popular because they’re an easy and effective way of personalizing your electronics and showing others your particular style.  Create unique or even exclusive stickers of your business’ logo or mascot exclusively for laptops. Laptop stickers make great advertisements because they will be on show wherever the laptop owner goes.  Take advantage of this prime advertising opportunity, and utilize your own employees to reinforce your branding strategies today.

Contributor: StickerYou