5 Ways to Make a Small Shop Look Bigger

small shop

This post first featured in the Modern Retail Guide to Shopfitting September 2020. To read the full ebook click here, or scroll to the end of the page to view on page-turning software.

Not every retailer is able to have large premises, but this doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing. In fact, there are many ways to make a small shop look bigger.

The following tips and tricks will help you to maximise the retail space you have, creating an airy feel while enjoying the same benefits as those with larger retail spaces, without the additional cost! 

  1. Make the most of light

Dim lighting and dark colours make a space feel smaller, so these should be avoided at all costs.

Begin by letting in as much natural light as possible, having clear lines of sight to windows and doors. Next, you should use light, bright colours in your shop’s colour scheme, creating an exciting and welcoming feel.

  1. Choose furniture carefully

When deciding on furniture, you should be careful to not choose any items that are too bulky. Every single shelving unit, bookcase, desk and chair will make the space appear smaller, so choose wisely, using light colours and being minimalistic wherever possible. 

  1. Install mirrors

It’s a well-known fact that mirrors can make any space look larger. As well as reflecting space, they also work to reflect and distribute light, creating a brighter, more spacious feel instore. Strategic placement of mirrors can work to carry light throughout a shop with minimal natural light.

  1. Look up

If you have high ceilings, you should make the most of this and utilise every inch of height. Signage, products and displays can be placed up high, allowing more products to be on display without overcrowding eye level shelves.

  1. Avoid clutter

Keeping your store organised with space between products will help to make it look more spacious. In a small space, only a little mess can make the entire shop look cluttered. Encourage staff to tidy products on a regular basis, keeping areas spotless to maintain tidiness and make the space feel larger.

Regardless of how big or small your store is, you can use these five methods to maximise space and create a great instore experience.

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