5 ways to decorate pop up stores in a cost-effective way

pop-up decoration

Pop up stores are often a small shop front that occupies a building room for a short amount of time. Many predominantly online stores will set up a pop up store to advertise and campaign new seasonal or exclusive products. They typically occupy only one room, but this may vary depending on the size of the store. As such, these stores need to be decorated in an efficient way without spending too much time or money on each individual project. Here are 5 simple and cost-effective pop-up store decoration ideas from UK Shopfront:

1. Additional Lighting and Flooring

The most crucial aspect of a pop-up store is how comfortable the customer feels in the environment. If there is no sufficient lighting in the shop, it can increase the stress of the customers. Besides that, it will also reduce the number of customers who visit that particular store. Adding additional lighting in your pop up store is one of the easiest ways to enhance your shop. You can use hanging lights on the ceiling, or attach lighting to shelving or corners. Another tip is to put lamps on the floor, creating uplighting which brightens up your store, as well as making it easier for your customers to browse around the store.

2. Festive Items

If you are the kind of store that sells certain seasonal products, you might want to consider putting some festive items in your pop up store. For example, you can use red ribbons to tie around the items on display or near the cashier counter if you are opening a Christmas shop. Get creative and consider using things like an artificial tree as a decoration for this season. Remember not to add so many decorations that the store begins to look messy or cluttered, as this will only create an unpleasant shopping experience for your customers.

3. Eye-Catching Shelves

This is another way to make the most of space in your pop-up store. The shelves can be used to display your products in key sight lines, so that customers can easily spot them. Consider putting accompanying items that complement products nearby on shelving to capture the imagination of shoppers. Hanging baskets can be an exciting addition to shelving, adding extra appeal.

4. Colour Coordination

Colour coordination is another crucial aspect of how you can decorate your pop up store. In this case, it is important that you choose the colours for your exterior and interior designs wisely. The appearance of your shop will usually be judged by those colours. For instance, a green-coloured exterior with a white interior can make a fresh impression on your customers. However, a white exterior with a dark interior can make your pop up store appear more elegant and sophisticated. Colour coordination is also important in relation to the design of your store. For instance, if you use a modern-looking design, you will have to coordinate it with a neutral or light colour scheme. However, this is not the case when you choose an old-fashioned pop-up stores interior! In addition, you can add some colours such as pink or yellow, which will make your store look brighter and more cheerful!

5. Space Optimisation

If your pop up store is small, you will need to maximise the use of your available space. This is extremely important in order to make the shop look more spacious and appealing.

To make your pop-up look more spacious, introduce mirrors on walls to create the feeling of space. You can also use light colours or a white colour scheme for this purpose as well. Another way to make small spaces appear larger is by adding floating shelving, creating space beneath them, which is not only practical and helps you to maximise space, but it also creates a focal point.

Get started with pop-up store decoration now

All of these simple pop-up store decoration tips are possible on a small budget, allowing you to create an exciting pop-up without having to invest too much time or money. Bear in mind that the quality and range of your products will ultimately determine the number and type of customers that you attract, so put time and effort into this.

Finally, remember to have fun with your pop-up store decoration and prioritise customers’ shopping experience, asking for opinions on existing shopfitting and amending layouts as required to optimise customers’ experiences.