5 Tips for Saving Money on Shipping

Saving money on shipping costs

Cutting costs in your business is an excellent way to increase your bottom line, often without compromising the quality of your product or service. In many cases, making small changes can result in significant savings. For example, consider your office space and how you can reduce your rent or mortgage payment. The same goes for shipping.

There are plenty of ways to save money on parcel delivery without affecting your shipping time or the quality of your service. For starters, you could start using a local courier service, lower shipping speed, or consolidate multiple orders into one larger shipment.

Although postage costs may not make up a large portion of your business expenses, even minor savings can add up over time. Below, you will find some valuable tips to help you save money on shipping. With creative thinking, you can lower your shipping costs without cutting corners.

Use a Local Courier Service

One of the best ways to save money on shipping is to use a local courier service. Courier companies typically charge less than the major shipping carriers and often deliver your packages faster, which should not be surprising given their smaller size.

Check how much of your shipping actually requires long-range transportation. If you find that most of your shipping is local, using a local courier service could save you a ton of money. That is not to say that you should not use the major shipping carriers at all. You can still use them for those special shipments that need to be sent further away.

Lower Shipping Speed

If you frequently ship items that are not time-sensitive, you can save money by sending your packages via a slower shipping method. The major shipping carriers all offer one-day delivery, which is ideal if you need your items to arrive quickly. However, it is often the most expensive option and not always necessary.

Consider shipping your items under the carrier’s economy or standard shipping option. These services may take a day or two longer, but they will be much cheaper than one-day delivery in the long run. While everyone wants their items as soon as possible, lower shipping speeds may be safer and more cost-effective for some of your packages.

Consolidate Multiple Orders Into One Larger Shipment

If you are shipping multiple orders to the same place, consider consolidating them into one larger shipment. This solution is advantageous if you ship items that are similar in size and weight or exceed the size and weight limitations. If you want to ship multiple items safely packed together, you may as well save yourself some money by ordering them in one shipment.

Many shipping carriers will offer discounts if you send multiple packages to the same address. It can be a great way to save money on shipping without affecting your delivery times. The only downside is that tracking your items may be more difficult if they are all packed together in one shipment. You can still approximate the location, though, so it is not all bad.

Use Discounted Shipping Options

Many shipping carriers offer discounts to their customers. If you are a small business owner, you may be able to get a discount on your shipping rates by signing up for a business account with your shipping carrier. This option can save you money on shipping without making your company look bad.

Frequently, the big players offer discount shipping for small businesses to help them jump-start their business and foster growth. If you are a new business owner, research the discount shipping options available to you. You may be surprised at how much money you can save just by signing up for a business account with your shipping carrier.

Optimize Package Sizes

When preparing your packages, check how much room you use and whether you can make your packages smaller. Shipping carriers typically charge by package weight and size, so using less space can save you money.

You do not have to make your packages smaller by much, as typically, the price is calculated by the tier or range your package falls into. So, even if you manage to make your packages smaller by a few ounces or inches, you can save money on your shipping. Also, try to weigh your packages before you ship them — declaring too much weight on your shipping label will also increase your postage costs.

To Sum Up

So, those are our top five tips for saving money on shipping. We hope you found them helpful!

Saving money on shipping does not have to be complicated. Following these tips, you can lower your shipping costs without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. Just remember to research the discount options available to you and weigh your packages before sending them out.

Whether you use a local courier service, opt for lower shipping speed, or use discounted shipping options, it can free up some funds to cover other expenses. With a little effort, you can easily save money on parcel delivery for your business.