5 Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Ideas customers will love

Customer satisfaction makes the difference in retail. If someone can leave your store or receive their delivery feeling appreciated, the likelihood of repeat business is significantly higher. In addition, they are most likely to recommend you to friends and family. Here are 5 Ways to implement ideas your customers will love.

  1. Surprise giveaways

Show customers you appreciate them with surprise giveaways or gifts. It’s a known fact that when somebody receives something for free, they are more likely to feel as though they have received value for money, as well as increasing their average spend. Examples of this could be offering sweets, freebies or discount vouchers as a thank you to customers.

  1. Interact on social media

Encourage interaction on social media by being present on the channels your target market use, incentivising reviews and responding to posts, whether they are positive or negative. Thank customers for their feedback, make responses personalised and re-share pictures and comments, making customers know they are listened to.

  1. Encourage staff to know your products

Customers will love nothing more than well-informed staff members who are excited about the products they sell. Encourage your team to be knowledgeable and not only know where an item is in the store, but more specific details. Not only will this leave customers feeling excited about what you are selling, it will also help your team to make more informed recommendations and hold conversations with potential customers.

  1. Celebrate birthdays

Celebrating customers’ birthdays has been proven to grow brand loyalty by 88%. Make them feel valued by collecting this information and sending them a card, promotional offer, or even a voucher to collect a gift from your store.

  1. Make queueing fun

Queueing is customers’ least favourite part of shopping, so why not make it interesting? Introduce entertainment, quizzes or games in the queue to make customers come back and enjoy the part of shopping which most people hate.