Customers have more options than ever when choosing where to buy. With an oversaturation of ecommerce stores, every customer touchpoint matters. Branding at the shipping and delivery stage is often overlooked but can serve as a great opportunity to reinforce brand identity with your customer and even increase retention rates. According to a study conducted by ShipStation, millennials are 47% more likely to say branded packaging would make them shop from that business again. Delivering a premium customer experience throughout the entire buying process is becoming more important. 

Here are some ways you can brand your shipping to stand out from the crowd this holiday season: 

  1. Branded Tracking Page

A frequent post-purchase destination for customers is the delivery tracking page. Not only are people excited to track the arrival of their package, this is the first place they’ll go if something unexpected happens with the delivery. Branding this page with your logos, brand colours, or relevant messaging can help you take advantage of its high visibility and click rate. 

  1. Branded Shipping Labels and Packing Slips 

Branded shipping labels and packing slips are a way to reinforce the professionalism of your business. Branded packaging is becoming the norm as ecommerce sales increase. Whether or not your business has taken the leap into full-on branded packaging, branded labels and packing slips are an easy step towards creating or completing a thoughtfully-designed package. 

  1. Branded Returns Portal 

Returns are a reality of ecommerce. Providing customers with an intuitive, self-service returns portal may help increase customer satisfaction despite an unsatisfactory order. Your returns portal is another important touchpoint to incorporate branding. Direct, empathetic messaging along with your brand features will help customers associate an easy returns process with your brand. 

  1. Branded Email 

Confirmation and tracking emails are another touchpoint with high open and click-through rates. Enforcing your brand on these emails is just another easy way to create a connection between your customers and your brand. Because these emails have high click-through rates, attaching any relevant links to your business’ blog or social pages is another good way to engage with customers. 

In the days before ecommerce, customers were able to develop real connections with a brand through a kind salesperson or a premium shopping experience. When buying online, customers miss out on the tangible experience of visiting their favourite store. A thoughtfully branded shipping and delivery process is a good way to provide a more tangible and memorable unboxing experience for your customers and build brand loyalty. 

Contributor: ShipStation

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