24,500+ thousand new ecommerce businesses launched

new ecommerce businesses

Demonstrating the shift towards online retail, more than 24,500 new ecommerce businesses were started in the UK in 2021. In comparison to the previous year, the UK has also seen a 21% increase in the number of new companies started in 2021.

After many challenging years for businesses across the UK, Instant Offices has analysed Companies House data to work out which UK cities are fighting back with the strongest entrepreneurial spirit.

Instant Offices analysed the population to startup ratio across the country’s top cities to discover which locations saw the highest concentration of entrepreneurs in the last 12 months. The data revealed the top locations for entrepreneurs launching new ventures.

Overall, entrepreneurship increased across the board in the UK during 2021, with company registrations surging in every city analysed. But what types of businesses are thriving in the UK and how many have been started in the past year? Well, it looks like ecommerce has taken one of the top spots.

The widespread switch to remote working and online shopping fuelled a digital transformation in the UK. This has also given aspiring entrepreneurs the final push needed to start their own businesses from home. So where are these ecommerce companies?

Top 10 cities with the highest number of new ecommerce businesses:

  1. London – 6,498
  2. Birmingham – 1,048
  3. Manchester – 972
  4. Liverpool – 737
  5. Poole – 495 
  6. Weston-Super-Mare – 473
  7. Cardiff – 395
  8. Bolton – 391
  9. Leeds – 375
  10. Glasgow – 359

As ecommerce continues to grow in popularity, omnichannel retail is also becoming more common as retailers look to tie online stores in with their instore experiences.