How To Catch A Thief: Security, Prevention and Stats

Security Features

Many stores overlook various security features believing that CCTV is a deterrent on its own. Having worked extensively in security alongside many retailers, Farrah McNutt of Catch a Thief tells Modern Retail that this is not the case...  What are the right security features for you? The most prevalent security feature in

Modern Retail Interview: Adorabella Crowns

Adorabella Crowns

 Modern Retail talks to Shelagh Linton, the owner of Adorabella Crowns, where you can find the most beautiful flower crowns for weddings, festivals or any occasion you want to wear a perfect flower crown for!    MR: How do you aim to stand out as a brand? SL: I consider myself to be 50%

Making A Success Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is certainly a hot topic amongst retailers, with many seeing great results from their work with bloggers and social media personalities. Along with increased sales, influencer marketing is also an excellent way to raise brand awareness, or draw attention to a new product. It can grow your audience,

Modern Retail Interview: Gemsville


  Modern Retail talks to Gemma Kitchener, Owner and designer of Gemsville, where you can find bespoke and customised canvas sneakers to fit your personality, mood or outfit. A unique and personal gift for someone or yourself!      MR: How would you sum up your target customer?GK: My target audience is mainly women in

What is the cost of a long queue?

Long queue

Online sales for lifestyle and fashion brands may be soaring, but retailers have to balance the risk of pushing customers away through the excessive or inappropriate use of their personal data while trying to engage. The “tyranny of the algorithm” is how one senior retail executive described it.   As retailers pour

Managing ‘Difficult’ Customers

Customers behaviour

Why today’s customers complain more   These days, customers are far more capable and confident to complain than they ever were before and there are lots of reasons for this: legislation and support groups which protect customers' rights, more focus within the media on poor service, programmes which show ideas on ‘how