Modern Retail Interview: Rufus Country

Rufus Country

    Modern Retail talks to Fabian Lintott founder of Rufus Country where the finest quality leather products are found. Designed in England you'll never be disappointed with the standard or the service provided by Rufus Country.   MR: How do you aim to stand out as a brand? FL: Our aim is to stay totally independent

Modern Retail Interview: Arran View Jewellery

Arran View Jewellery

    Modern Retail talks to Iain Henderson, Partner of Arran View Jewellery. A family run business that has beautiful jewellery and accessories for events, presents or the perfect accompaniment to your outfit - there is something for everyone!      MR: Why should people shop with you? IH: Because we care! With 20 years of supplying retailers

Overcoming Growing Pains with Automation

automate the processes

New retail businesses usually start because entrepreneurs identify a market opportunity and structure a business to deliver products or services to meet that demand. The modern, retail entrepreneur generally adopts cloud-based platforms for eCommerce, ePoS, Inventory, CRM and Financial management. Cloud-based retail technologies are ideal as they lower the barriers

Change Happens – Make It Count with Coin Automation

Speed Service, Reduce Shrink, Grow Revenue: Coin Automation  With rising labour and operational costs, retailers need smart ways to improve efficiency and reduce shrink. And, with 48% of payments made by British consumers being made in cash (per the Payment Council), automating the cash transaction just makes sense. Any technology that

A culture of convenience

mobile payment

A shift in time  From checking the weather to booking a personal training session at the gym, the phone in our pockets is increasingly central to how we live our lives. In fact, a recent study by eMarketer showed that the average time each of us now spends, on our mobile

The Digital Customer Journey

digital customer journey

Measuring Success – easy, right?  Digital marketing is great from a measurement perspective. Tracking codes and cookies mean it’s simpler than ever to identify who made a purchase a result of your Google advert or email campaign. But what about the customers who did open that email but didn’t buy?