The Baby Cot Shop Store Opening

The Baby Cot Shop

  Modern Retail was delighted to be invited by Toks, owner of The Baby Cot Shop, to the opening of her first bricks-and-mortar store in Chelsea. Ideally situated on the King’s Road, the picturesque store’s inviting lights and beautifully decorated window display immediately captivate your eye. It’s almost impossible to miss. Upon

[INFOGRAPHIC] Is it High Time to go Digital?

time to go digital

  Ever wonder how much technology is changing the retail industry? Here we look at how the ever changing face of tech in the 21st century is altering and evolving retail. In 2014, there were around 39 million digital buyers in the UK. Fast forward just two years to today and

Managing Relationships with your Customers


 This month I want to focus on the importance of managing the communications and relationships with customers. Smaller retailers typically can build up a closer relationship with customers, as they will generally be part of the local community and they will get to know them, especially if they are loyal regulars.

Clare Rayner on Local Business Schemes


 This month I wanted to focus on how smaller retailers can get involved with, and benefit from, the many and various local business schemes and high street regeneration activities on offer. However, before you can get involved you first need to identify what is on offer and who to approach

Clare Rayner’s Guide to Omnichannel


Omnichannel - Deciding which channels are right for your business First of all, before diving into the debate about how to become an “omnichannel” retailer we need to cover 2 points:  1. What IS an omnichannel retailer? And, 2. Why is it important to BE an omnichannel retailer?  So, to attempt to answer point

Clare Rayner: New Year – New Focus!

New Year

The New Year is always a time to set goals and plan ahead. Like the New Year’s resolutions we make for our personal lives, we can do the same for our business. Certainly over the past few years I’ve found myself sitting down on New Year Day, taking stock of