How to Treat Timewasters in Your Stores

Here’s a true story.  Years ago I was a sales manager for a well-known audio brand. I had a nice car, a rubbish laptop and a garage full of product brochures. I remember this particular day I was visiting one of my customers: a shop owned by an independent hi-fi chain,

Modern Retail Interview: Hand Knitted Yorkshire

Hand knitted yorkshire tea cosy

    Modern Retail talks to Diana Campbell-Jones Co owner of the beautiful custom designed knits "HandKnittedYorkshire" where individually crafted knits are made.                MR: How do you aim to stand out as a brand? DC: We make hand knitted small accessories from our home in West Yorkshire. We are a mother and daughter team and do everything

£2.1m Ecommerce Survey identifies 81% of abandonment ignored

  A 12 month survey for 2016 conducted by ecommerce recovery specialists Optilead has identified that 81% of online abandonment is totally ignored. This means that in the tests, valued at £2.1m, a staggering £1.7m of abandoned transactions were not followed up. Over the past few years, online sales have increased in

Modern Retail Interview: Scarecrow Boutique

Scarecrow Boutique Logo

    Modern Retail talks to Adriana Green, Owner and Partner, of the diverse and gorgeous fashion label  “Scarecrow Boutique” where trendy clothes and accessories are found.           MR: How do you aim to stand out as a boutique?AG: We are an eclectic Boutique and quite vintage inspired, we are known as the Aladdin’s Cave. We spend

Showing Your Assets

Clothes on hangers in the shop with fifty percent discount.

  Here’s a question for ten points: A customer is about to spend a decent amount of cash in your shop. It’s way more than the average transaction and it’s going to make your figures for the day look much better than they did an hour ago. Right now the salesperson is

Modern Retail Interview: Funky Nut Company

Modern Retail talks Julian Campbell - Director of the healthy, natural and deliciously different "Funky Nut Company", where you'll find the answer to a different sort of butter...             MR: How do you aim to stand out as a brand?Julian: Well as the brand is Funky Nut we have to be Funky. How