8 Ways to Master Content Marketing

8 Ways to Master Content Marketing

Competing with every other eCommerce business for online attention is a huge challenge. The fight to gain search traffic, get social media recognition and attract customers is getting increasingly harder. Especially when all you have are pages of your products. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “ content marketing ” but

5 Tips On How To Put Your Customer First and Keep Their Loyalty

customer-centric loyalty

To successfully make it in Modern Retail and remain a key challenger against your competitors; retailer’s need to be prioritising their customer-centric marketing alongside their data-centric business strategy. With research from Gartner showing that by 2017, 89% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience. By putting the customer at the centre of

How to Use Sound to Increase Sales


We’re so used to hearing music in retail environments that most of us aren’t usually aware that it’s even there. And some retailers are so used to the accepted wisdom that shops play music that they invest little thought into what is played and what effect it has. But music

Managing Relationships with your Customers

customer relationships

This month I want to focus on the importance of managing the communications and relationships with your customer. Smaller retailers typically can build up a closer relationship with customers, as they will generally be part of the local community and they will get to know them, especially if they are loyal

Clare Rayner on Local Business Schemes

customer relationships

This month I wanted to focus on how smaller retailers can get involved with, and benefit from, the many and various local business schemes and high street regeneration activities on offer. However, before you can get involved you first need to identify what is on offer and who to approach

Store Signage: a Customer Conversation

shop window signage

Your in-store signage is a conversation with your customer. And like any method of customer communication, it should be clear, compelling and on-brand. We take a look at some of the key considerations when you’re designing signage.  Point of View  When you’re thinking about store signage, you should be thinking from your

Innovative Packaging Solutions for Retailers

Packaging: it gets a bad press for its environmental impact and is often written off by retailers as just a necessary but unexciting expense. But many innovative companies are using packaging as a billboard for their brand message, incorporating it into their customer journey or merging it with their product

Clare Rayner’s Guide to Omnichannel


Omnichannel - Deciding which channels are right for your business First of all, before diving into the debate about how to become an “omnichannel” retailer we need to cover 2 points:  1. What IS an omnichannel retailer? And, 2. Why is it important to BE an omnichannel retailer?  So, to attempt to answer point