How to make your online shop unique

By being creative and engineering an individual feel, you can create a unique online shop that stands out from your competitors and makes a long-lasting impression with consumers.   Some months ago, a colleague of mine ordered a pair of shoes from an online shop. When they unpacked the eagerly awaited parcel during

8 Ways to Master Content Marketing

8 Ways to Master Content Marketing

 Competing with every other ecommerce business for online attention is a huge challenge. The fight to gain search traffic, get social media recognition and attract customers is getting increasingly harder, especially when all you have are pages of your products. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “content marketing” but perhaps haven’t

5 Tips On How To Put Your Customer First and Keep Their Loyalty

 To successfully make it in Modern Retail and remain a key challenger against your competitors; retailer’s need to be prioritising their customer-centric marketing alongside their data-centric business strategy. With research from Gartner showing that by 2017, 89% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience. By putting the customer at the centre of