Modernising Your Warehouse Space: Saving Time and Money


  Even if you believe that your warehouse is running efficiently, it is likely that there is still room for improvement and development. An Intermec study draws attention to the importance of an efficient warehouse, after finding that the average warehouse in the UK loses as many as 3,000 hours annually as

New Quid on the block – are you ready?

  Retail businesses are urged to prepare for the new £1 coin, as Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke reveals it will enter circulation on 28 March 2017.  With three months to go, the government is continuing its "Is your business ready?" campaign to help the retail industry and other major

Customer Service in Retail – How technology can be leveraged

customer service

   Technology systems are already widely used in the different channels of a customer service process, yet still customers cite a lack of communication with customer services as a major frustration with companies. Technology should help to streamline services and management services and be used as a means of leaving customers satisfied.   How

Crowdfunding for Independent Retailers

 Crowdfunding is the fastest growing form of alternative finance for businesses in the UK today. Harnessing the power of the crowd to get products and projects of the ground is an attractive prospect for entrepreneurs with creative ideas that might not otherwise have found funding. Crowdfunding has traditionally been the go-to

Outsourcing Ideas for Retailers

 You’re a retailer, and you’re good at what you do – selling to your customers. But do you sometimes feel more like accountant, marketer, IT support, HR department and receptionist rolled into one? All the other essential parts of running a retail business make demands on your time, taking your