Getting to grips with the human aspects of automated eFulfilment


The nature of order fulfilment in ecommerce is changing radically, and with it, the demands placed upon the human resources needed to manage and support it. With leading online brands looking to further upscale their operations for picking single items, conventional methods are starting to show the strain. In the wake

How independent retailers can build customer confidence

Winning trust from potential customers

Winning trust from potential customers isn’t always easy.  As an independent retailer, you don’t have the ready-made reputation (good OR bad) that comes with a chain store.    Many people view independent retailers fondly and are keen to support their local independent specialist stores, but some feel reassured by the predictable consistency

Racking at the heart of retail logistics

With the warehouse now the heart of most retail operations, Edward Hutchison, Managing Director of BITO Storage Systems, gives advice on sourcing storage and order picking solutions to keep it pumping. No longer the back end of a business, the warehouse is now at core of retailer’s drive to ensure complete

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Blog


Competition in the world of retail is as fierce as ever. Customer attitudes and trends change quickly, and it is essential to the survival of your business that you stay ahead of the curve. There are lots of things you can be doing to stay competitive, ranging from visual merchandising to

Indirect marketing – making opportunities to promote your business that go beyond the traditional A5 leaflet or newspaper ad

indirect marketing

Indirect marketing can refer to strategies that aim to create a solid reputation for your business, perhaps using social media accounts, blogs, and newsletters which are informational. This approach moves away from the hard sell, instead allowing you to build customer trust and loyalty. Does your business model provide opportunities